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31 wks and getting panic attacks!!

Hi, I've had a miserable pregnancy this time.

I had severe sickness called HG (hyperemesis gravidarum)

This lasted until 21 weeks, (lucky as it can last the whole preg) then I suppose I had a few weeks of energy and feeling ok, then the pelvic pubis pain SPD started to emerge and now i am anemic and on iron, yuk. I wasn't due my bloods again until gone 28 wks (now 31) and if it wasn't for a strange bruising on my arm I wouldn't of know I was anemic for a weeks, the doctor thought it was my platelets for a while, but it was my red cells that was the prob.

So I am not really enjoying this pregnancy, I feel guilty that I should be, this is my second successful preg and I felt so full of joy with the first, this one I am so ill and tired and uncomfortable, I now experiencing anxiety attacks so another ailment to my list, does this mean I have antenatal depression???

I am worried I will get Post=natal depression now, and I also have fibromyalgia which could flare up after the birth. I am waiting for a 32 wks scan to check my placenta too and have become very anxious. I am self-employed and finding it hard to get everything done to go on maternity leave, i have not been to my course for two weeks now as I am finding it hard to leave the house and deal with people, it took me 20 mins to get up the balls to take my daughter to school this morning, making her late. I am waiting for counseling but cant get appointment until beginning of December. I'm very concerned about my mental health.

I just want to enjoy my preg, maybe it helped because I exercised with my first, yoga, Pilates and went for gentle massages, but because of all this sickness and lack of energy has been harder this time. I am going to a aqua-natal class.

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Hello. I can relate to the not knowing whether you have antenatal depression and worrying about post natal depression to. I became very anxious, stressed and depressed following an unexpected minor bleed in week 13 and since then been a ball of stress and worry. It knocked me for six. I am very happy to be pregnant but very unhappy with my mental well being. My friends just said keep calm... not that helpful. I put a post on here and got some support which I appreciated immensely.

I spoke to my midwife however she felt that I'd perhaps feel better after the 20 week scan. I knew I need help before then so I took matters into my own hands. In my area there is an amazing service that aims to get you seeing a counsellor within a week. I had used them before in the past and someone there helped me turn my life around. I too am self employed and I don't earn much. So I see a counsellor who is low cost and the sessions are just under £10. I had my first session yesterday and it was a really positive experience and I'm keen to resolve my anxiety which is believed to be more deep rooted than just the bleed, that was the trigger.

I wonder if there is a similar service in your area where you can be seen sooner and get the support you need. You may not feel it but you are doing your very best, opening up about it is a really brave thing to do and I hope with all my heart you get the help you need.

Congratulations on this pregnancy and keep us updated on how your are doing. I'll be thinking of you today and hoping you're ok. xxx


I'm sure it is linked to feeling so ill. Is there anyone else you can talk to in the mean time? Your local surestart outreach, midwife, HV? Hope things improve for you. I am only 8 weeks into my 2nd pregnancy and it is much tougher than I remember the first.


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