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Waiting, waiting ... bump finally moved!

Finally at the weekend it felt like bump moved but had an arm stuck in my belly. At first i thought it was wind and i needed to pass gas but then it happened the day after. I told my partner and he was so thrilled but jealous because he could feel it from the outside yet.

I am 16 weeks and 1 day, and i really can't wait for my 20 week scan. I keep worrying about our little bambino and wondering if they are okay. I just want to cuddle him/her now, me and my partner find out what we a re having the Monday before christmas so it's going to be our extra special christmas present this year.

My mum and dad are getting really excited, my dad's already started buying nappies for little bambino when he/she comes.

Does anyone know when my partner will the baby kick from the outside? Is it normal to feel like you don't want to be at work and just at home making sure the little bambino inside of you is fine and doesn't get strained?

It might be my mind working over time but any one?

I will keep everyone updated if they would like to know :)

If you can asnwer my questions aswell that would be great.

Thank you soo much!!

Leanne xx

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hi LeaAndy0605 i know how you feel it happened to me at week 17 i thought it was gas aswell and you won't believe it i'm still not sure even though i'm almost 20 weeks but in my heart i know its my baby. And it is normal to feel like staying at home coz you wanna make sure your little one is growing well inside you... Sorry i can't help you that much. GOOD LUCK for your 20 weeks scan hope everything goes well xx


My other half didnt feel our little boy kick until I was about 28 weeks, then it sort of freaked him out !! Good luck for your scan.


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