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When should I take a pregnancy test?

I had my period 19/10/2012 -25/10/2012 and started a very light period on 15/11/2012 and one day I'm bleeding and the next day I'm not. My period has always been extremely heavy so wondering if I could be pregnant. I've been having a lot of cramp & headaches over the last week. Would a test tell me wether I was or not if I'm still bleeding?

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You could be pregnant or it could just be a funny period. Why don't you take a test to put your mind at rest? I would recommend the clearblue digital - if you are pregnant it will more than likely pick up the pregnancy hormone by now. Or maybe leave it till the weekend to be sure?

Are you trying for a baby?



Agree with above, you can use any test from the first day you are due your period, which is usually 28 days from when you START bleeding. you need to think about two other things, how long you cycle usually is and when you might have conceived.


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