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Movement in tommy and beats like dat of a heartbeat in my abdomen yet no positive result of being pregnant,pls help me wat do I do about dis

For the past three weeks ,hv been experiencing a kinda movement and dat of a heartbeat in my lower abdomen,feeling weak,high temperature,nausea sometimes,stretch in my lower abdomen,I go and pee almost every hour,backache,taste of my mouth has changed,abdominal pain and other feelings relating to pregnancy yet wen I do home pregnancy test it tells me negative,I went to d GP for blood test still the same,wat do I do,although I feel the test result from d GP is not mine as d result is bringing d result of sickness old people do have pls help me out am seriously worried

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Go back to your doctor for another blood test.


Yea,tanx,I am hopin towards Wednesday but I pray it's pregnancy,really wish it is,tanx


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