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I am finally 6 weeks tomorrow and can book in for an early scan to show the location after 2 mcs but I am worried as I have no bleeding I have pregnancy symptoms so feel things are progressing as they should unlike the other 2 times I'm obviously not worried about that but more about the intrusion what if I start bleeding due to them checking what if they find nothing or what if it is in the wrong location, I remember being proud of the fact I've had 3 other children with typical pregnancy symptoms and no complications although we tried for our last child for 3 years, then to go on and have 2 miscarriages with no symptoms and to find out I'm pregnant again I prayed for sickness sore boobs tiredness and now I have them I'm worried about it all going wrong by having the scan do I hold off or just get it over with? I really think after this one that will be it as it is such an emotional journey the not knowing but I am thankful to have a great loving supportive partner beside me through all of this

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Hey there I am 5 weeks with the first baby (first in the whole family after my own generation of cousins), and I have my appointment tomorrow as well, I dont even know what it is all about, I think I will talk to the GP and tell him what all i feel and get to know what all it is.

I do not have much of the symptoms as well from last two days - no more sore boobs, though they feel soft and no more nausea - although I have a strange taste in my throat.

I will just pray for you to have a normal scan and good appointment :) dont worry, things will be normal and good :)


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