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hi girls hope every1 will have as many questions as me?? im 8.5wks no real symptons really apart from tiredness, is this normal?

hi girls, i hope every1 has as many questions as me??! this is my 1st of many id say!! im 8.5wks with my 1st & don know how i should b feeling i havent had any symptons apart from bn tired, i havnt had any appointments yet so dont know if i should hav more symptons by now, i cant wait for my 12wk scan so it seems more real, im like a big kid checking the post everyday waiting on a date for it coming. do u get it in post?? ls any1 else feeling they are pregnant but not sure at same time???

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Hi Paula

Everything you are feeling is perfectly normal :-) i had no symptoms other than sore boobs and its hard to believe until you see that little thing inside you. if you have been to the gp and been referred then you will get a letter with a date for your booking appt when they will go thru tons of info with you. Then you will be able to book a date for your scan. very exciting! congrats x


thats great thank you, ive bn to my gp & he sent my referal when is was there so hopefully i will hear very soon. im hopin to have my 1st appointment & scan b4 xmas so we can tell the whole family togather so fingers crossed it comes soon.


Bless - it's annoying having to wait aroundi know. You can always give the hospital a ring and find out when your appt is as sometimes it takes a while for your letter to arrive but they probably would have booked your timeslot already :-) That's what i did as i was so impatient!



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