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Terrible mood swing and nothing else !


We were planning for a child, and gladly it happened in the very first month of trying at the right time. I was talking to my mom before that and I was happy and excited for having a baby.

BUT the moment I felt a little sick, 4 days ago, I had a terrible terrible depression. (I am normally a very happy person with a high sensitive barometer I guess, because movies and people can make me cry like baby).

The first two days after feeling pregnant were really really horrible, I broke almost whatever came in front of me (plates, phone, lamp), hurt myself in the process, threw away my wedding rings and told my husband that i want to divorce him (last Saturday I just gave him World's greatest husband T-shirt, so you can imagine we are very much in love and romance period of life). he cried I cried ! we both cried, called my mom and said i dont want the marriage or the baby, thought of committing suicide, said that my life is over (actually felt like that). My parents and in-laws got really really worried, my siblings too (as this will probably be the first grand-child in the family, so maybe everyone is more excited than usual). My brother asked me if I want to terminate the pregnancy, I said No and started shouting at him, that he should have stopped me from getting married (well I am quite close to him). My husband ofcourse felt terrible, but as I said - he is World's greatest husband.

This was so unlikely as we were talking about it and we were wondering how we will react like if I get to know I am pregnant, and what i did reacted like was definitely not what i thought !! (I wonder what story I am going to tell to my kids).

now from last two days i am feeling much better and happier, but i am not feeling nausea (which was a lot 4 days ago), I am having a lot of pain in my stomach and legs (like the period pain),and I am really scared. This is the first baby in the family in last 19 years now so we all are very confused, and my mommy dont remember anything from my sister or me time! mom-in-law said that she was crying always and Dad-in-law felt what he has done, but she was not throwing things and breaking plates.

Does anyone else also felt like this?

I have my first doctor appointment tomorrow, what all should i discuss with him ?

any suggestions will be really helpful !!

(BTW I think the fetus age is just 3 weeks, as I said, we were planning for the baby, so I know the exact date of conception - 24th October)

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Definitel discuss your feelings with your gp, it doesnt matter how long yiu have been teying for, when it actually happens its a bit of a shock! With you falling so quickly youve been given a shock even though its a happy shock! I have been trying for 18 months and qhen it happened we were overjoyed but i have found it to be a vrery emotional roller coastet and have had some very down days (very out of character for me and as i am a trainee counselor i need to be "in control" of my emotions in order to practice. I also very happly married to my best friend, doesnt mean i havent had doubts about the strength of our relationship, even if our marriage was strong enough for another person to come in to it! we have never had so much as an argument in our time together, few snipes here and there but nothing serious!!! It is such a life changing thing getting pregnant and everyone reacts differently to it, just wanted to share my experience so far (m 12 weeks tuesday) so you dont feel thats its only you who has felt this way. Just be honest with how youre feelibg and talk to your husband about it so he knows whats happening with you.x


thanks hon, that was much help! Yes I did talk to my husband and we have been talking about it over last two days. but we were not yet sure if i should talk to the GP about it, my husband said i look and feel much better now so maybe it was not that important.

But now I think I should, because I do not want this to be happening again, and as I read from many to-be-mommies here depressions can re-occur.

Really sad that i do not have a good story to tell to my kid on how we reacted when we got a news of him/her! :(

Good luck for the next months to come, I hope you and the little one be best of health :) (sending happiness!)


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