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Is this pain normal?

I am 37 and expecting our first baby (4wks 6 days - fetal age 3wks 1 day), is it normal for my symptons at this stage of pregnency: I cannot feel the need to urinate but I know I need to go, I only know I need to go when I get a severe stabbing pain in my abdomen, this lasts for around 10 minutes and have experienced this about 4 times over the last 2 days, once I urinate the pain subsides.

I went to the doctor yesterday to confirm my pregnancy not knowing what to expect, and I have to say I was very very dissapointed. For my first pregnancy I was expecting a little reassurance instead I was asked if I did a home test and told I would be referred to a midwife. I at least expected them to test my blood pressure, weight or confirm the pregnancy or even work out my due date! I had to insist they do a test for a bladder infection because of the pain, which they said was clear but would be sent off anyway.

Is this pain normal or should I insist to be looked at properly, being older and it being my first pregnancy I am not sure what to expect. Any advice is appreciated.

P.S. I have no bleeding or spotting, just the usual backache and tender breasts.

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I had abdo pain early on n they said it just things growing and as for drs that is normal they do nowt but refer u to midwife u should see her bout 8 wks n she will do it all, if pain continues or gets any worse then get it checked out


Hi congratulations, all i can say is that if the pain gets worse or you feel unwell then go to your accident and emergency department. I normally avoid my local one as they are working over capacity and travel a bit for a better service. Some Gps are unbelievable they should check your blood pressure, urine test and tell you what to do if things change. Best wishes x


I had a similar pain at 8 weeks, for me it was just a cyst but we are all different and im not saying thats what youve got call. your gp or hospital and ask if tou can get the phone number for the early pregnanxy unit, mine were very helpful.x


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