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I am 9 weeks pregnant but have not felt sick!!

Hi there, I am 9 weeks pregnant but have not been sick yet. I feel dizzy and weak but have not puked up. Is that normal? My appetite has how ever grown, even though alot of warm foods are not very appealing to me due to the smell etc, but I still manage to eat alot as I don't want to get weak. I have also put on a stone that normal? I feel very uncomfortable at nights as the constant visit to the toilet does not let me sleep, it runs like a tap. I also stay very constipated, which makes me feel very uncomfortable. I also tend to feel very emotional and cry alot for no reason what so ever? Is that normal?

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U r very normal! Every pregnany is different, I am 20 wks n I've had no sickness at all which sounds fab but got low blood pressure n get dizzy n faint all the time, got up loads durin nite for toilet and couldn't whet comfy at night, I got a pregnancy pillow from mothercare which helped and just drink loads for ur dizzyspells but b great full not got sickness lol. If worried bout anything this site is fab but also speak midwife hope helps


Aww thankyou KC1983 :) Somebody wrote about phantom preganancy on here earlier, which has kinda scared me. As I have only had home preganancy tests, and one test was done at the gp that showed I am preganat. All together I had 5 tests that confirmed I am pregnant. I have had no blood tests done as yet. My GP has signed me up to a midwife but I have not been contacted by her yet. How do I go about booking a scan?


Hi Amber28,

First of all, congratulations on your pregnancy!

Every woman experiences pregnancy symptoms very differently, all the things you describe sound common and not worrying. Of course, if you are worried about anything it can be helpful to call your GP or midwife, or call NHS direct with any concerns.

We do have lots of information about pregnancy symptoms and discomforts on the NCT website, including some ideas for how to ease those discomforts. You can find a list of articles here:

Hope this helps!

All the best,

Alice x


Wen do u see midwife? I found out I was pregnant at 4 wks n saw go nxt day so go booked in with midwife at 9wks, she books ur scan for u n it comes through the post most people have it at 12 wks but it will all depend wen u see her n they can fit u in. At my gp practice the midwife see u there so I just went to desk and booked appointment with her, she didn't contact me, just with u sayin she guna contact u, doesn't ur gp practice have a on site midwife? Just incise u was meant to make own appointment


Hi Amber. I was exactally the same, still am! Had no sickness at all but lots of weeing in the night! Painfull boobs. I was bit weak and a bit nauseas at times, bit low on the blood pressure, so appetite didnt change too much.

Saw my midwife at 9 weeks for booking scan.

Ive had 12 weeks scan, and all fine. In last couple of weeks felt really well, more energy, less weeing at night, boobs still sore mind you:-/

Yes, everyone is different, and this is a great site for questions and information.

Take care, all the best

A x


Thankyou NCT-Alice, AmesHk and Kc1983. You have all been very helpful. I have spoken to the Antenatel department at the hospital and they have informed me that they have recieved a letter from my gp so will be contacting me with regards to scanning appointments when I am 12-13 weeks pregnanat.


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