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Hi what could be the reason for failure of conception I thought that I am pregnant but doctor said u have no baby u only have clotted blo

it is been 6 months since I have been pregnant I checked to times but the doctors said me that u are not pregnant they could see in my ovary a collected blood so what could be the reason that a concieved baby could not grow please advice me what I should do

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The best thing is to see the doctor about this. They would need to do more tests and explain what happened because there are many different reasons that this can happen.

Sometimes it is just a hormonal abnormality or a missed miscarriage.

Collected blood in the ovary may be caused by a cyst?

If this has only happened once it may just be a sad random occurrence but not actually mean anything - if you are having problems conceiving then doctors can do tests.

Sorry I can't give more advice


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