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I had a scan today as have had 3 prev m/cs and thought I was 6wks 3 days. They could only see a sac and not a yolk. I have been told to come back in 2 weeks for a re scan. I'm so worried this isn't good and just wondered if anyone had similar experiences or advise?! The scanner lady said I could just not be as far as I thought in which case it's normal but she can't promise a happy ending. Depending on when I ovulated I could only just be 4 weeks 3 days. It's going to be a long and painful 2 weeks. Any words or encouragement would be amazing right now... Thanks


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  • Hi am so sorry for you, I had the same recently at what was 7 weeks plus 1 day but my case was associated with bleeding. The sac was seen but no heart beat. this is exactly what was written in the report'' intrauterine gestation sac with yolk sac and intra uterine pregnancy of uncertain viability''. To repeat the scan in 1 week which will be next monday. I carried on to bleed for 48 hours with clots and fresh blood and have lost all hope. The ladies on here have been amazing source of support and I am so grateful. I was told anything is possible it could be an onset of miscarriage and some people return fo find out that they are still pregnant. Personally i would advise you to be hopeful since you are not bleeding and may be you are a few weeks gone, you may have a good outcome. I however, have 2 risk factors my age at 42 and a recurrent Bartholins cyst which could have passed an infection up to the uterus and caused problems. Until monday am uncertain but feel that I lost my 4th baby. I wish you the best of luck and i do understand what you are going through, my family anf friends have been great but what makes it worse is the unccertainty. I am lucky to be blessed with 3 beautiful girls and my faith has been a great source of healing. Good luck, hang in there and you are not alone. xxx

  • Sorry forgot to mention that yolk sac was 21.0 mm which is apparently small for 7 weeks plus 1 day, all ovaries showed normal moprpology. Hang in there you are most likely not as far gone as you think you were. Thinking of you. x

  • Hi, I completely understand what your going through. I went for a dating scan yesterday for a 8/9 week gestation to be told that I'm only 4 weeks. My gestation sac is the right size for 8 weeks but the yolk sac was hardly visible. They didn't give me any other information and I have to wait until next Friday for a follow up scan. I have done some research and believe that I am experiencing a missed miscarriage. I wish you the very best of luck. Please realise you are not alone xxx

  • Keep positive no bleeding cramps ect all good signs and the support on here is great only been on since yesterday but its great to talk to ppl that's in or been in the same situations it helps to just get your concerns out there but I hope all goes well and u have good news in 2 weeks xx

  • Heyy I would worry at all my bets ur 4 weeks. I went for my first scan at 6weeks.. Thr was a scan and no baby and I was bleeding.. 2days later had another scan and there was a sac and yolk sac.. 2weeks later my baby was thr with his lil heartbeat and I'm nw 15+2 :). I'm sure it probably jst the same as me xxx

  • Hi Gemmw, how long did you bleed for and how much just curious? sorry for the questions, bled for 2 days and now nothing, so not sure what to expect. when i saw the clots thought bthat is a miscarriage, my scan is on monday and will keep you posted, thanks.

  • Hi there. This happened to me last year. Did the doctor/midwife give you an internal scan? This can make alot of difference as they would see more. If you are only 4 weeks then you probs wont see anything just now. All the best and hope everything works out xx

  • Hi Gemmw, Stephc, posted the blog and am Amirasofia71, went in with bleeding at 7wks plus 1 and had an internal scan done, the sac was seen and everything looked fine except no heart beat, due back in for a 2nd scan on monday, not sure if it was a miscarriage or not, told to expect anything, as for some women it could be a start of things going wrong where as some go back in and all is well, any kind of info from someone who has had a similar experience is well appreciated, thanks.

  • Agree it will all be down to how many actual weeks you are, so heres hoping.

    After a long time tcc my husband and i had a break from it, let our hair down,and relaxed.I returned to the clinic for check ups to start again. I was told i was 5weeks5 pregnant!! Shocked as never occured it could happen. They did a scan but couldnt see much and told to return a week was still growing but appeared as only a sac. Too early i too had to wait to 8 weeks for another scan i wasnt hopeful had a feeling and the waiting dragged.

    Then i was told it was a blighted ovum and not a viable pregnancy and was booked for a mmc. i was really upset even though i knew it wasnt meant to be,my partner was abroad through all of this. In the wait i bled quite a bit with clots. When i went for the mmc i was told id mcd naturally, which in truth for me was a relief as the thought of forcing my body into something scared me.Very sad as its still a loss.

    I got back on the healthy living pma train and now 14 weeks today.

    Im a strong believer in mother nature. Im 40 with first child, we tcc 5years.

    Wishing you all the love and luck

    A x

  • so sorry dear, am in the same situation as well I thought I was 12weeks and 4days I went for my first scan there was no baby only found gestational sac no yolk or pole sac found I did my viginal altrasound but sill the same and I was asked to come back in 2weeks and I went the same thing happen no baby in the sac I am now 13weeks can I sill wait I started getting a little blood no clot or heavy bleading but I dt feel pregnant anymore but my doctor tell me do d&c or take a tablet to flush it out or wait for it to go by it self and I said I will wait because I have had 3miscarriage before I am just believing that something might happen and during this period I found out that am ovaluating pls help I don't no what is happening to me

  • Thanks for all the post. I started bleeding yesterday, brown with clots and bright red stringy things (sorry for the wording) went to a&e who referred me to the EPU and they did an internal and said my uterus was closed so they weren't sure where the bleeding was coming from. All my symptoms have gone and I now this isn't good. This is how my last 3 mc have started. They took blood and I have to go back on sat for more blood and they wil

    L check my hoc levels but I'm not expecting a miracle. No cramping just bleeding and now only mainly when I wipe!

    Im gutted. :(

  • :-( so sad. My condolence is with you. But you should not leave the hope. In Today's modern world nothing is impossible., there is a treatment to deal with miscarriage.

    Many women got pregnant after 5 -6 miscarriage because they didn't loose hope.


  • Hi Stephc, me and you are in a similar situation, been to the Gp today who could not say much, just wait for monday to have a 2nd scan and now my Bartholins gland has decided to come up, at the wrong time normally it re occurs once a year, put on fluclox and told to have the gland removed as it is been re occuring for the last 14 years and draining it is a waste of time as hasnt worked in the past. Hang in there as i am, x x x

  • Thanks. Trying to keep positive but I know deep down x

  • Hie av bin in a similar situation,my first scan at 8 weeks showed empty uterus and was told point blank that i was not pregnant,then at 11 weeks i started bleeding bright red with small clots for 4 days and on the fifth there was a very big clot and rushed to the hosp they did a scan and saw the baby alive and safe now am 19 weeks.all the best!

  • Hi Apple 1, interesting to hear some positive outcome after bleeding in early pregnancy. Wish us luck and God willing anything is possible. Thanks to all the ladies who have shared their stories, it feels really like someone understands, thanks :)

  • Thats nice to hear a positive story. Since I've started bleeding I just don't feel pregnant anymore. I've been bleeding reddish brown with clots & mainly when I wipe... Ths is day 3!! My prev 3 mc have started like this.

  • Good luck to everyone waiting for scans really hope u all get good results, just me or the pregnancy lark scary as hell? I'm 20 wks and have been worried all the way and still got another 20 wks of it to worry through! X

  • Hi there, I'm so sorry to read your story, I hope things turn out ok for you. I am only 6/7 weeks I think, not even been booked in yet and although I have never experienced anything like this myself, I had a friend during my first pregnancy that had had 3 miscarriages in a row similar to you and it turned out that she had a condition where her blood is very thick and so clots very easily. This meant that her blood was clotting on it's way to the embryo and so starving it of oxygen which led to the pregnancy failing. After diagnosis she was able to give herself blood thinning injections every day and ended up having 2 beautiful healthy babies at age 40 & 41. It might be worth looking into......? I am thinking of you though, you seem very strong, keep positive. :-)

  • Amirasofia71 mine said that aswell then a week later y baby was there...

    steph.. i really do hope everything fine but you can only wait this out and see i guess :/

  • Hi Gemmw, thanks for your support, the bleeding only lasted 48 hours and stopped, no pain or discomfort. Good sign,( wishful thinking ) woke up starving. I was put on antibiotics for a Bartholin's cyst so could be the antibiotics. Have had the cyst on my previous 2 sucessful pregnancies, so still positive but prepared for anything. Waiting for monday and i will keep you posted, thanks.

  • Best of luck to you all!

  • Hi, I recently went for a scan In which my gestational sac was measuring at 21.0mm which would been I'm 7weeks or slightly under but they couldn't see anything inside of the sac still experiencing sore tender breasts, tiredness &. Nausea with out vomiting I haven't experienced any bleeding or mild/ severe cramps the hospital have asked to re scan me but this is my first pregnancy and it's so nerve wrecking do u think it's a blighted ovum or just everything is later developing + my periods are rather irregular any advice?

  • Hi I found out I was pregnant on the 27th November I started bleeding 3 weeks later so I went for a scan up the early pregnancy place and they said the can see the sac but no baby so I kept going up for scans and blood test and I was 6 weeks from what they was saying my last scan was the first week in January which they said I might be having a miscarriage I started bleeding on the 19 of they mouth so I do know what all u ladies are going through how soon can u get pregnant again

  • I went for a scan last week they said I'm 9 weeks 5days pregnant but there's nothing baby in the sack so I will be going back on Friday 11th match 016 I really hope a baby has appeared or a heart beat and everything is ok

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