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Pushchairs? Cotbeds? Everything baby - CONFUZZLED!

Currently at 25.4 weeks - and starting to gather myself for the big day finally and buy things for the nursery. Currently looking at travel systems, 3 in 1 jobs.

Has anyone ever used the following? and what are your thoughts on them?

Cosatto Sunny Range 3-1

Graco Symbio B travel system

Next Highbury Nursery Range.

Reviews on the above I have found hard to come buy.

PLUS i am going to plan to breastfeed. In hospital bag should I not be be successful in this do I need to pack any formula/bottles?

Any advice from anyone would help my overwhelmed head!

:) Thanks in advance !

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Ask you midwife about the formula/bottles (maybe take one just incase) but i know our hospital supplies things for you.

Check what you should be packing for where you will have your baby because each place has difference facilities available to you. Our hospital doesnt like you using wetwipes (insane!!) and they insist on cotton wool so they actually take wetwipes off you.

Also take loads of snacks, hospital food isnt the best haha

Take what you need for one night in hospital but get a second back of over night things ready and leave it at home incase you have to stay in another night. I have been told tales of hubbys returning with skinny jeans (not the best after just giving birth for comfort) a thong and a summer top in the middle of winter. The guys do try to help but some of them have no idea so rather than leave hubby to raid your wardrobe, get a second bag ready just incase you need it, all he has to do is grab it then :)

As for the travel systems, they are great but my sister-in-law found that once the baby was in the car seat it was very heavy, she had a c-section and really struggled with the weight even though Blake (the baby) only weighed 6lb at the time.

We went for a carseat which stays in the car and is suitable from birth. No messing about and you know the carseat is always secure as its not taken in and out all the time.

I have been given a Graco travel system but dont iintend on using the carseat.

Also most of the carseats included inthe travel systems only last till the baby is a certain weight, my friends baby is only just 6 months old and shes outgrown it so she thought it was a waste of money.

Good luck!



I have not used any of the items listed but when buying a travel system my advice would be to check the folded down measurements as they tend to be bulky and in reality will probably only be used for 6 months , after that you will probably get a pushchair as the are light , slim and easy for out and about. so although I would say a travel system is a must ,dont go crazy on price. get in to a show room where you can test them out for yourself and compare 1s you like and ask advisor what there recommendations would be .

breast feeding in hospital , if you really want to feed yourself you do not need bottles , however I would say if your not entirerly set on the idea take the pre pack bottles you can now buy in supermarkets. I fed my son for 4 weeks myself then breast and bottle for a further 4 weeks until he started refusing breast , it is very overwhelming as is having your 1st baby and although it is natural not always as easy as expected, it takes 3 days for your milk to properly come in and until then , feels like you have a baby constantly attatched to you, then just as they get satisfied they go through growing spurts and it happens can be very frustrating so having a back up could give you a let up, they have pumps you can use so could try expressing and letting someone else take a feed. I loved feeding and would do it again its definatly something I think everyone should try as it is an experience.

also if breast feeding I recomed nipple cream ! lansino, some thing like that, it is a god send for sore cracked nipples , not pleasant .

nursery, you don't need the add ons , like nappy stores it just makes another job to pack the nappies in there and believe me you will have enough to do ! ha ha. speak to other people who have children and find out what they thought were musts and what was a waste of money. I have a wooden change table and couldn't have done without it , it wasn't something I got or would have thought to get but had an emergency section so thought it would help and I love it , still use it for getting dry and dressed after baths and he is just 3 so worth the money to me ten fold , others may say its a waste ! make sure you get a long mosses basket if your getting or a crib mine was small and was only used for 2 months b4 he was head to toe in it , I would probably go for crib and cot bed .

I loved fisher price link a doos chair it is very functional and I have never seen 1 I think is better .

hope that helps.


Hey I'm having same problems, wat to but, especially they prAm, I was guna go for a 3 in 1 but I only have a new style corsa and went to shop and couldn't get any I liked to fit in boot, found one that would fit in front seat but nt keen. Also heard that the hospital get a bit arsy if u take bottles in, like u I want to breast feed but this isn't always possible


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