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I could sleep ALL DAY!

I am 24 1/2/ weeks pregnant and I'm self employed and since becoming more and more pregnant been unable to work. Everything is fine, my wonderful partner is supporting us both. But I have every day free at the moment. I don't have much of my own money either, so feel more and more reluctant to go out for the day. I always end up spending money!!

So I sleep in, I sleep in until about 11am and then I get up and have some breakfast, then often after an hour or so I fall asleep again on the sofa. I feel fine then after that nap, and when my partner gets home from work I make the dinner and we watch tele together or go out in the evening and I don't feel tired. But come 11pm/midnight I could crawl into my bed with him. I do have aches and pains, and often have to get up to pee in the night, and I'm dreaming so intensely.

I am also ALWAYS hungry these days. We are expecting a little boy. Just wondering if anyone else feels like this? It does make me feel so guilty like I'm not experiencing life. I don't feel low though, which has happened to me before. I feel very content and happy.


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I am exactly the same . Even before I knew I was pregnant , I was tired , and when I say tired I mean out of this world tired . It got worse and worse , I thought there was something wrong with me . I gave up working a very physical part time job at 13 weeks. It was draining me . Friends suggested low iron levels , but they are great ! I asked the midwife , and she just said , you are pregnant . Before conception I was lucky to get 4 hours a night , and was taking medication to help me sleep . So I am just enjoying the cat naps , lazy days and early nights , it won't last for long ;) . Make the most of it x


Im the same too i nap pretty much straight after my breakfast and dont wake up untill i have to go work at around 4 :/ then when i go bed i feel like im constantly dreaming when im asleep and wake up more or less every hour for the toilet, im hoping itll just pass. xxxx


hey there congrats, im only 8 weeks and im exhausted . . . i get out of bed to get my daughter ready for school around 7.40 take her to school then wham im in bed again by 8.35 and thats where i am till around 12.30-1.30 completely soundo. . . . then do housework collect my littleun and in bed by 10-11 but cant sleep till around 2-3. . . . . . feel always hungry then i eat feel bloated and sick and this is my cycle, completely understand how u feel, i been told to eat lighter meals and naural sugars in fruits hmmmmm. . . . . . but all i want is chicken tikka,jacket patato and pineapple. . . . . nice lol. . . . . i got told to enjoy the rest y it last xx


hi, i am 19weeks with my third. this pregnancy at the beginning i was tired all the time but i have a 2 yr old little monkey who doesn't nap much in the day. has through midwife checked ur iron count? my first pregnancy was great except bad sickness until 7months and i now have a 7yr old girl. my second except slight sickness i managed to work until 7months but that was because my job was quite physical but his pregnancy not had any sickness heartburn has vanished but the tiredness is a killer. everyday i have to drag myself out of bed in.the morning and in bed by 8:30 at night but wake quite a few times. good luck in your pregnancy.


Hey!! You sound just like me!!

1st trimester - I could of slept for england! 2nd - I suddenly feel fabulous - now at 25weeks and heading into the final stint - I am reverting back to my old ways. I wake at 730ish as hubby heads to his business (he too self employed) and have breakfast and before 9am I am asleep on the sofa till 1030-11ish! Its insane.... Then for the rest of the day I join him at work (i have finished my training and now assist him) and like yourself feel amazinly 'un-tired' even until 1130pm!

Eating seems to have increased steadily whether thats because im at home alot more rather than working full time.

:) Chin up chicca xx We're all in the same boat!

Good luck with your bambino!



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