Is my body and mind playing tricks with me??

Hi everyone,

This is my first visit back to the NCT community since I had a missed misscariage in September. I got pregnant back in July thanks to Gonal F Injections. I have been taking them again this cycle (im now day 24) but like the last cycle I have been told they have failed to develop my follicles to get to the iui stage (I got pregnant on a supposed failed cycle!). Obviously when they told me over a week ago the injections are not working I got upset but thought oh well I still have Ivf as an option put it to the back of your mind. On Saturday I had a little bit brown discharge (after a bit cramping on Friday), a little bit yesterday and today. Could this be implantation??? this happened exactly the same back in July I had a few days spotting before I even knew I was pregnant. Im finding it very difficult to forget about it as I really want a baby and know I am not going to have one naturally as I do not ovulate myself. My cycles are normally around 35 days long so I know the discharge is quite early for a period. Any help would be appreciated xxxx


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  • Have you done a test yet? I know a lot say 4 days before your period, but if what you were experiencing was implantation then the hcg will be high enough to pick up on a test :) good luck! Fingers crossed for you xx

  • Thanks for your reply Suzy. No I haven't done a test yet I figured it is a bit early?? The last time I did a test on day 35. The last time I had an implantation bleed was just over a week before my period was due, but at the time I didnt realise it was. I will do a test in the morning and see what it says, I have a feeling im not pregnant but the spottings totally thrown me off x x

  • I bought some tests that are very sensitive so can give you an ultra early result. The only thing about testing early is that u can feel disappointed with a neg result when really it's just too early. The website is I think. They are sensitive to 10 units per ml rather than 25 units per ml which is what clear blue give you. Good luck x x x

  • Thanks! I have just been on and they are really cheap, haha I have ordered them in bulk. Cant go wrong for that price anyway. They will come in handy for when I have IVF too. Im trying to not get my hopes up I think my last pregnancy was quite lucky I doubt that will happen again. : (

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