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So worried, I'm 8w 5d pregnant last night I felt wet in my knickers an went To the loo and was bleeding a lot I looked in the loo and there

Was no clots,just bright red blood I rang my doctor who adv me to go to A&E they gave me a blood test and examination but they had no scanning machine so have booked me in on Monday morning (2 days time) I wore a panty liner to bed but had no more blood this morning just a dull like period pain all day I dread going to the loo incase it starts again there has been a bit of brown discharge I had this a week ago and they sent me to the epu for a scan where I saw the baby's heart beat and they said it was all fine that was at 7w 1d. I can't stop crying we want this baby so much waiting till Monday is torture. I don't know if these period pains are normal if it's normal to have bleeding. I can't think of anything else :(

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Hi there, I am sorry you had to go through this. I had exactly the same on my baby number three who is now a healthy 19 months. I was at work and had exactly what you described, went to the loo and was bleeding. I was on a night shift and had to leave half way through. I worked in a hospital and luckily enough was seen right away but had to wait till morning for a scan and I was 7 weeks then plus and the heart beat was seen and i was advised that this actually happens often and i had nothing to worry about. I then had another day of spotting and that was it. My husband was too afraid to come near me in case that disturbed anything. I however took a week off work and relaxed, then everything settled. Good luck and i hope things will be okay. x


hiya, 1st of would just like to say sorry for your stress, but this is actually pretty normal, they say sometimes it could be old period blood, my best advise, is got spoilt by your partner, keep ya feet up and relax, if anything is wrong which im sure its probably not then stress is a 100% nono. . . . .i understand ya fear im only 25 and have lost 10 babys crazy. . . . 1 successful pregnancy 6 years ago and now on week 8 of this one. with my 1st daughter i was in hospital all in all 16 weeks through my whole pregancty, i lost her twin then had constant bleeding,back waters broke at 28 weeks despite all that gave birth 40wks 5 days. . . .so just because u had a bleed dont always mean its something bad xx . . . . . just try to relax easier said than done, wouldnt advise boiling hot baths either as got told this is a big no no in early stages. . . . . keep us updated all the best xxx


Dear Chelseabun,

I am so sorry for your worry. I was there too. I had bleeding and went to the A&E and was able to get a scan the same day which showed baby and a heartbeat, thank God - he's now a gorgeous seven month old. In my case, it was when the baby implanted in my uterus it caused some bruising. I started with spotting which got heavier until I passed a clot (what sent me to the A&E). I continued to bleed about three more weeks, lighter and lighter until it eventually went away.

I pray all will be well for you and your little one.


This may be different but this is my experience...it's not great but it's much better than worst case scenario. I've been bleeding since week 10 and now in week 16 with no change, I really hope for you it is just implantation bleeding but this is just a heads up...

'I'm 15wks and I've been in and out of hospital for the past five weeks with bleeding. I was feeling hopeful as I'd been told it's quite common for people to bleed during weeks 12-14 and it should be nothing, however following a heavy bleed on tuesday (got out of hosp yesterday) I was examined and told that due to a polyp growing inside my cervix this is set to not just continue but to worsen as baby grows. The baby will remain unaffected which is great but I still have to go into hospital every time it's heavy (at the moment thats once a week) as I've lost a lot of blood.'

Everyone at hospital has been great and this is not harmful to either of us (I do have to watch my blood pressure as it's very low) but really it's just a nuisance and a worry. They will remove the polyp once I've had the baby with no effect to me.

Like I said I really hope it's something much less constant for you, but I'll take this after my initial worries of miscarriage. Hope this helps and isnt too scary.

Good Luck xxx


This is exsactely the same scenario I'm going through I'm 6weeks well nearly 7 and I've had a scan on Friday they said the baby can be seen and looks healthy but they can't see the heartbeat yet because its too small I'm still petrified about my next scan on Friday because I'm still passing tiny amounts of brown stringy blood hope everything went well for you hun x


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