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The Commute!!

Please tell me to get back in my box if i'm being out of order but I work in London (live in Hertfordshire) and i have to get the train AND the tube into London every day. I am 12 weeks pregnant now and even though i'm not showing i do feel queasy and faint when I am travelling, especially when i have to stand up on a packed carriage. I have got a 'baby on board' badge so it's clear to people that I am pregnant. I got on the tube this morning and various people looked at me, at my badge, and went back to reading their papers! No-one offered their seat and once they had seen my badge they made an effort NOT to look again. Now before i was pregnant I would ALWAYS give up my seat for a pregnant woman (or an elderly person come to think of it!) whether she had a big bump or not! I feel bad asking people to give up their seats when they obviously don't want to but honestly - you would think someone might have a bit of consideration!?! Am i over-reacting or does this happen a lot? Do i have to have a huge bump before anyone will let me sit down?!?

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Heap unfortunately people can be selfish. Even after having babies I've had people ask me to move off bus seats near the front holding a 6 month old baby and a toddler next to me. Needless to say I told the calmly I've payed my bus fare ill sit where I like thank you . For the nausea and faintness I've just discovered sea bands, they are an accue pressure band that you wear on both wrists, mainly for use as the name suggests for sea sickness and nausea I've been wearing them everyday when the nausea started and it works for me. Worth a try, you can get them in boots. :-) hope all goes well and if they work spread the news to other expectant mums just wish I'd had them with my previous two pregnancy a. :-( x


The general consensus (among my childless friends) appears to be that you chose to be pregnant and so you should deal with the consequences. You also chose to move out to the countryside and work in town and give yourself a long commute so should just deal.

Whilst I understand that opinion from women who have chosen not to have children (feminism did give us the joy of choice after all), call me old fashioned but I would have thought that a gentleman would stand up for you.

A word of warning about your 'baby on board' badge: it can just irritate people given that ladies older than you carried children whilst commuting and didn't require 'special' treatment (my mother is of this opinion and also has a similar opinion about mother/baby car parking spaces-It is my understanding that some of the older generation view mothers today as wimps and too soft) and for those young guns who haven't had children yet it comes back to the issue of choice.

I hate to be harsh, but I think you may have to accept that in today's society you are unlikely to receive kind treatment from commuters until you're definitely definitely showing - as soon as you are I would suggest standing with your coat open in fitted clothes so people can see your bump. I know a couple of my girlfriends have asked to borrow my badge in order to get a seat on the train(!!!) and so people may well simply not believe you're pregnant.


wow...really didnt realise there was such negativity surrounding this issue! now i feel like i shouldnt wear my badge as all!


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