Missed misscarriage

Yesterday I had my first scan and it was 7w4d but what we found out was disappointment. My baby's little heart stop beating and we don't know when so basically I am now having a missed misscarriage. Doc said wait its naturally gonna come out approximately in2weeks but if you want we can vacuum it. Didn't know what to do first. I just said I need natural way but after thinking more clearly I decided to vacuum it. So they already give me a second scan appointment for natural way to see if there is still something inside but what can I do to change this? Is anyone have any idea please help me!!!

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  • Hello, that's incredibley tough, I am so sorry. I had 3 missed misscarriages and decided to have a D&C (dilatation and curettage) with the second and third. With the first, which I passed naturally, and quickly, I continued to bleed for 8 + weeks afterwards. With the next two I didn't want to be waiting, but wanted it all over with as soon as possible so that I could move forward rather than feeling that the misscarriage was an ongoing process. But that felt right for me. You must go with what you feel is right for you, there is no right or wrong way.

  • I had a missed miscarriage with twins in may this year. It has been the toughest time of my life. I opted for natural or conservative as they called it. I had a nasty heavy painful bleed but when I went for the next scan the twins were still inside. I opted for a medical miscarriage where u take tablets to induce labour. This was a very realistic mini labour both painful and emotional but if I had the choice again I would do the same. It makes u lose a lot of blood very quickly but the bleeding soon eased off and I just spotted for about 10 days. Good luck x x

  • I had an abusive married life but kept it to myself, my baby boy which doctors had told me had died was 22 weeks... the tablets they induce you with in my opinion make it 1000 times worse.......i knew i was giving birth to a son i had already named but he had passed on...................14 hours of severe labour, nurse's being cold is horrific! i got to hold my precious son..and he was perfect but to small...and in my eye's to precious for this world,

  • So sorry to hear everyones sad stories on this page, i too had a missed miscarriage and found out through an early scan. I found our in hospital and they took a great deal of time explaining things too me. I had contact details for the emergency Gynecology Unit if I needed to speak to anyone. I opted for medical management where they give you a tablet to induce it. For me it was absolutely the right thing, i lost a lot of blood so was kept in hospital overnight but the nurses were amazing. The reason i went for this over the natural method was that with the natural method there is a fair chance that you don't loose all of the tissue so have to go through surgery after anyway. If you have only sen your doctor see if you can get in touch with the hospital and the EGU to speak to someone. The only other thing i can say which won't be of much comfort at the moment I'm sure is that it does get easier with time. Hope it goes ok for youxx

  • After 3 years of trying I found out that I had also had a missed miscarriage at 13 weeks in may which was devastating. The hospital talked me through everything and I opted for the D&C as I couldn't bear the thought of having to pass the baby and deal with the bleeding. It was absolutely the right choice for me as I wanted to be able to move on as quickly as possible. I still bled for around 5 weeks but I didn't have to go through the agony of waiting. It's such a tough time and nothing will make it easier for you. Only you know what is right for you and it does get easier in time. I wish you all the best for what ever you decide, you can change your mind about how you wan to proceed at any point. X

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