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13 Weeks Scan

13 Weeks Scan

I have been for 2 scans since i have found out i am pregnant as i was in hospital at the end of July for ovarian cysts as one burst.

All the midwives and nurses helped me and gave me antibiotics and even an injection in the bum to help clear the infection away and the cysts to become dormant.

Then in September after coming back from a holiday in Newquay and still waiting for my period i took a pregnancy test and to my surprise i am pregnant.

Me and my boyfriend Andrew have been TTC since January of this year and were getting quite worried as if there was something wrong, now i know after all this time it was the cysts.

I am so happy now, i am 14 weeks and 2 days and my bump is beginning to show but i also have a tendancy to bloat alot aswell. I have had feelings of butterflies in my stomach and like little air bubbles floating around. Is this the baby moving? Can anyone help me?

Thank you

Leanne xx

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Congradualations and yes that's your baby kicking :) I'm 14w+2d today aswell. Xxx


I hope so.

Me and my partner are both excited and really happy. The doctors said it would take a few years for me to get pregnant or i would need help. But we are just happy that we could do it the natural way. As i am an IVF twin xxx



Im 15w+1d today and ive been getting butterfly feelings but ive had this on and off all the way through so i didnt put it down to the baby moving since it was too early. I hope it is though! x


I haven't had these feelings before and at first i thought it was because i was hungry but it kept doing it after i had something to eat. :) x


Your baby scan is sooooo cute! Congratulations and good luck with the rest of your pregnancy! :)


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