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I need some advice super confused my period was due on the 5/11/12 and i only tested for pregnancy today because i was

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feeling a tad sick but had put it down to the Amoxicillin 500mg for a sinus infection. So i did the Tesco's pregnancy test and to my suprise after 12 months of trying to conceive a faint second line appeared. So i went to the docters and showed her the test and she has refered me for a blood test, which isnt till Thursday and takes 2 working days to process so it will be early next week when i know for definate. So i decided to re-test again at 4pm with a Boots own branded test and that dis exsactely the same and there was a faint line. Now im really anxious and eager to find out the results this will be my second pregnancy my son is nearlly 4 now. Also i have been experiencing a lower stomach pain which is worrying me. Has anyone got any advice or had any simular experiences?

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i would say retest again on friday, its more than likely you probably are pregnant, and the cramps and pains are natural wow i know im 7 weeks gone lol, its just growing pains and feels like you going to come on your period any second, like i say retest again on friday, but if you have two postive pregnancy tests results then your pregnant and the paint lines could just be there not alot of htc in your system yet hope this help and good luck hun xx

faint lines* sorry lack of sleep yawn xx

Thanks hun for the life of me even though it was only 4years ago I barely remmember being pregnant with my son. All I remember is not being able to eat for 8 weeks with severe morning sickness. This is probally my over paranoid hormones lol x

I would say test again with clear blue, told me I was pregnant 2days before and say pregnant and how many weeks no lines lol

your very welcome, yes my daughter was 6 years ago and i feel like a pregnancy virgin again, think if this was my 1st pregancy would not get pregnant again, bad times lol. . . . . . dont worry your not being paranoid, its just very scary having the "unknown" about something so very little,important and life changing xx

Abit of promising news this morning I tried a clear blue conception indicator test and it came back pregnant 1-2weeks really excited now but I've been getting this nervous niggling ache in my lower stomach so I'm waiting to get a appointment with my GP so fingers crossed everything is ok :/

A line is a line dear, I'm 6 going on 7 weeks I got a faint line after a negative test, had lower back ache and occasional cramps which I now realise is your uterus making way for its growing baby. And of course sore boobs which haven't. Disappeared . You probably tested early like myself. I wish you all the look. Do another test in a day or two and the most hcg in your system the quicker Ne darker the line appears. X

That's exactly what I got.. Faint lines and 1-2weeks.. Which by doctors standards you are 4 weeks :) you always add 2weeks on to the tests xx congrats

Thanks hun fingers crossed eveything will be ok for us all now and our little ones x :)

Awww, i have my finers crossed for you.

I am glad you got the answer you wanted and can tell by how your writing that you are happy.

Keep us updated :)

Leanne xx

oh wow thats excellent news fingers crossed for you :) book in with the midwife asap :) whoop congrats xx

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