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Am i pregnant? please help!

I have an Intrauterine device (IUD) and im not sure if ive been bleeding as a normal period or its more than that. Either way the bleeding has been all over the place, last month i was bleeding lightly, and it would be on and off. The month before that i wasnt really on, i was spotting. My last proper perod was 30-31st august i think. Everytime i went to have sex with the guy i was dating, he said i was bleeding but it would only be spotting - like then it would go away. About 2 weeks ago, just for a few days i had a constant banging headache, i felt sick when i tried to eat pancakes that i made, that happened twice, and i felt bloated anytime of the day, i felt overally tired, would have cramping now and again and be very hormonal. To this day i still feel bloated, have cramps and am very tired, some days more tired than others. Even now ive just eaten some toast and i feel a little sicky bloated feeling.

I have a 3 year old son, and had the same sort of signs when pregnant with him but i wasnt using the IUD then. Please can someone give me some reasurrance, and how soon should i take a test?

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I'm not an expert on the IUD but itsn't it a form of contraception? If so surely you shouldn't be pregnant. I have a couple of friends who were on the same thing and they both had problems with cramps and feeling sick as side effect of it, one of them actually had it removed because it made her feel awful. How long have you had the IUD in for, it the cramping and bleeding a new thing?

There's no harm in taking a pregnancy test to put your mind at rest though, or even go to the doctors and have a chat with them? It sounds like if you are pregnant then you are already a few weeks pregnant so it should register on a test.



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