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can i have advice on the chances of me being pregnant please?

8 years ago i went onto the depo provera n stopped it last year. i had my first period since starting it last month n then early hours of last mon i had unprotected sex for the first time since my periods came back. on sun i had signs of my period coming like i did last month but after having sex it stopped. i was due on on thurs but all signs have stopped and nothing has happened. the first day of my last period was 4/10. what r the chances that i've been caught pregnant? and how soon can i do a test to get a reliable result?? thank u for ur advice in advance :)

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Hi there huni if the first day of your LMP was 4/10 I would test around the 8/11 if you don't get your period. I would say your chances if being pregnant are gonna be the same as anyone else's. How are you feeling?. If your tierd, bloated, feeling sick or have sore breasts these are all signs that point to pregnancy. If you are pregnant and you get a positive result on the 8th you will be 5 weeks pregnant. If it's negative the best time to try and conceive is usually 14 days from the first day of your next period. Good luck xxx


i've felt a little sick but thats all. i did a test today that came back negative cuz i'm very impatient lol. thank u so much for ur advice hun xxx


Your welcome huni, good luck I hope everything works out for you and your partner. Xxx


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