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Pregnancy test negative, but no period...definately not pregnant?

Been ttc for a few months now. Ovulated on 17th October (I think!) and since a few days after have had mild cramping. On 28th had some spotting which has continued for the last 6 days (only when I wipe-sorry!). My period was due yesterday but didn't come so I done a top end of the market test this morning (although it wasn't the first pee of the day) which came up negative. Am I looking into this too much or could I be pregnant? Could the spotting be a very light period? ( they are usually much heavier). No other symptoms except a little sharp pain in nipples occasionally. Any advice much appreciated.

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Hi there huni, I think the best thing to do is wait about a week before you test because a lot can happen in a week. If your spotting and not bleeding that's a good sign. You know your own body rhythm so if you still feel a little unwell and don't get your period I would go to the doctors and get a blood test because you could be pregnant and just have low hormone levels. Good luck xx.



I had a false negative test with my First pregnancy. I had just tried it too early. leave it for a week and test again. I also had slight spotting, sounds exactly the same as my first pregnancy.

Good luck


Hi there i was in the same situation im now 9 weeks pregnant into my first ever pregnancy and only got a possitive reading 2 weeks ago from a home test. ive missed 2 periods now but get light pink spotting and aches as usual when im due. The best advice i can give is to se your gp there are lots of other ways your body will tell you such as breast sensitivity and tiredness ive had both for around a month now, Good luck and stay possitive x


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