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Gynaecology appointment- what to expect?

Hi everyone

I haven't been on here for a few months since my last miscarriage, been a bit of a troubled time. I have now been referred to the gynaecology department at my local hospital (2 miscarriages this year, probable one end of last year, all early on e.g. 6 weeks ish) and I wondered if anyone had any experience of this and what to expect?

The letter says just to have dates of your LMP and a diary of symptoms, but I wondered what tests they would do (if any?), would I have to have scans, an internal etc? My husband will come with me but as the referral is for me I assume he won't have any tests- but what if his sperm are the problem?? (he drinks A LOT!)

Any advice would be appreciated! I don't want to get my hopes up that I am going to be 'fixed' after this appointment but I also don't want to be unprepared.

K x

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Hi Kirsty,

Don't worry they will be doing some checks on your womb and on your ovaries. I came in through A&E after collapsing in pain at the end of July this year and they sent me to the Gynaecology Department to check up (internal scan) and they found ovarian cysts which where proving to be the problem for none regular periods and no chance of getting pregnant. I was in the department for 5 days and they give me antibiotics and proded me with needles and medicine for quite a few days.

After that they sent me home and told me not to go back to work for 3 weeks just so the antibiotics did their work. I had booked a holiday for the September and still awaiting my period. After me and my boyfriend came back from holiday i decided to do a pregnancy test and to my surprise i am pregnant. Going to the gynaecology department helped me and they did everything they could for me, thanks to them i am now expecting.

Me and my boyfriend are over the moon (now i'm 14 weeks and 2 days), just goes to show there is not worrying they will help you in whatever way they can. And it surprises you how much better you feel.

Hope this helps.

Leanne xx


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