First scan at 17 weeks is that bad?

Hi I went for my first apointment with my midwife thinking I was 8 weeks preganant but she thinks im 12 weeks pregnant and some bleeding I had that I thought was my last period was just some 'bedding in' bleeding. That or I have multiples as I am quite 'big' for 8 weeks. She put me down for an ultrascan asap but the hospital has sent me an apointment for when I could be 17 weeks pregnant. Should I try to get it moved?


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  • hey there congrats :) yes 17 weeks is shocking :0your ment have a scan at 12 weeks also know as dating scan, as far of u i would puch to go to epac, early pregnancy assesment unit :) tell them about the bleeding and your worried hope this helps xxx

  • I would ring the scan department and ask to be put on the cancellation list at the very least. The idea of an early can is to detect any problems which at passed 16 weeks they may not be able to see. Also ring your midwife as she obviously hasn't explained the situation to the hospital. I really wouldn't be happy to wait that long. Good luck xx

  • yes deffinately push for a scan sooner or go to A&E and say about all the bleeding... but deffinately dont wait all this time for the appointment xx

  • Hi All, Thanks for your comments! I phoned the hospital today and they had miss read my notes so I explained and they got me in this afternoon for a dating scan :-) The nurse said I was 12 weeks 1 day and has managed to book me in to a canceled abnormalities scan on monday. The bleeding was at about 4 weeks (8 weeks ago) so quite a while ago and at that time I didn't know I was pregant so luckily it didn't worry me! Many thanks for your advice I was unsure what to do, didn't want to seem like I was telling people how to do their job! I will updated my image with my scan if I can :-) Such a strange thing to see a baby with arms and legs kicking around inside you, makes it that bit more real!

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