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Moved to new area at 31 weeks, need advice on doctors

I'm 31 weeks pregnant and have just moved into a new area, I went to register with the new doctors today and the receptionist said that it'll take at least a month for me to be assigned a midwife and until I'm assigned a new midwife I won't be referred to the closest hospital. I'm a two hour bus journey away from my old doctors and midwife and I don't drive. Is there anything I can do to push to see a midwife at the new doctors?

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In my area you can self refer to the midwives

. I would contact the midwife directly and get the community midwife's number either via your local hospital team, gps surgery or children's centre maybe able to advise. At 31 weeks you shouldn't be waiting that long to see a midwife so I would definitely contact them directly. If nothing else they will know to look out for your referral. Hope that helps.


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