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Pls help,could I be pregnant?

I have been having serious cramps since my last period in September,but in October my period came though with lesser blood and and more clots,this pain still persist,since a week now,I have been experiencing bloating,nuasea (since three weeks),severe backache,peeing at shorter intervals,my boobs seems to be getting larger,did home pregnancy test out of like ten only two seems positive,even after the positive result I tried it again and it came out negative,this is seriously getting me worried,have been to the GP Nd told would be called for scan which they have not,please help,what do I do.

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I would get back in contact with your gp and keep on at them if possible see a different gp in your surgery if possible and just keep on at them its a worrying thought for anyone hope you get sorted soon


Tanx a lot, I appreciate dis


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