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Stomach bug, or side effects of whooping cough/flu jabs?

All started on Saturday morning (it's now Sun evening). Basically whatever I eat, or drink- even plain boiled water- I keep rushing to the toilet with really bad diarrhoea. My stomach hurts from time to time. I am now just over 29 weeks pregnant, can feel baby moving just as before, but I am worried, as feel thirsty, and bit hungry most of the time.

I also had my whooping cough and flu jabs Friday morning.

I spoke to a nurse on the phone yesterday, and she said she isn't worried, but I have no strength to even walk around the house, my head hurts, and everything annoys me very easily (the tears just appear suddenly).

I was wondering if any of you had anything similar in pregnancy, and how did you deal with it? (Also nurse said it's better not to take any medicine to stop diarrhoea)

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There are lots of sickness and diarrhoea around at the moment, so chances are its not linked to the flu jab/whooping cough jab. What I would be worried about as a health care professional is becoming dehydrated, May be worth visting the chemist Roger something like diralight as it helps to replaced the Essentials salta that the body loses through bouts of diarrhoea. May even help to eat bland food such as dry toast or plain rice, it just helps to line the stomach. It can take anything up to 72 hours for a bug to get out the system. Just watch out for the signs of early labour, excessive diarrhoea stimulates the uterus which is in close proximity to the bowel and the rapid.movement caused by diarrhoea can cause the start of early labour. Id your concerned talk to your midwife or local delivery suite.


Thanks, I had to call NHS direct around midnight last night, as noticed some mucus and bit of blood as well with the diarrhoea. The nurse said I shouldn't be worried, since I still can feel baby moving as much as before, but need to see my doctor this morning, and stay out of work, as this may spread, plus I won't be really able to work. She said it may be sign of infection, and I may need antibiotics. I am drinking Dioralyte, just to make sure I will not be dehydrated, but even after drinking plain water I am rushing to the toilet.

I am bit worried about premature labour, as I read on NHS site this may happen in cases like this one. Hopefully my doctor can sort it out for me.


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