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Not sure where to go from here

I am on cerazette (mini-pil) and had sex about 4 weeks ago. I never get periods whilst on cerazette but this time i had spotting for two weeks. The spotting has now past and I constantly feel sick, tired, the need to go to the toilet all the time, that 'feeling' like there is something there. I am pretty sure that I am pregnant but the tests keep coming back negative. Am I testing too early? or could the results be effected from me being on cerazette? I considered going to the doctors but I don't think there is any point as they will just do the exact same test as I have done at home. Advice would really be appreciated.

Thanks :)

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i fell pregnant with my first child in 2009 whilst on the cerazzette i had all the symptoms and i took 3 home pregnancy test first thing in the the morning and they came back negative i used the clear blue I decided to go to the docs and they done a blood test to check the level of the pregnancy hormone hcg and it came back i was pregnant its worth making the appointment with your gp and let them know whats happening they may offer you the blood test or you maybe could ask for one


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