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how long 'till you get your period/can become pregnant once you're off the pill?

my last period was 8 weeks ago (20th Aug) and have been off the pill since. I have not had any bleeding since and we have been trying to conceive without success. I have previously been on the pill for about 6 years. Any suggestions/ advice/ explanation? my GP recommended folic acid which I am currently taking one a day?

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Well most doctors say you should wait until you have had one 'normal' period after stopping taking the pill before trying to fall pregnant this is to decreas the chances of miscarriage and abnormalities because your body has still to recover as such from taking the pill, this can take up to 6 months if it takes longer your doctor will usually prescribe something to speed it up. I'm sure many people manage to fall pregnant within six months to a year of their period returning, although for some it happens faster. I actually fell pregnant while I was still taking the pill and hadnt missed any pills the month i fell pregnant (currently 24+3 with a baby boy). Another thing is try not to get to stressed about falling pregnant it will happen for you but the more pressure you put on yourself the longer it can actually take so just enjoy the time you have just now and all the best! Xx


Agree with Ashleym123.

The only thing I would add is that the folic acid is essential for reducing spinal abnormalities in your baby, and has nothing to do with the return of your period. So, regardless of when your period returns, you should take folic acid for at least 4 weeks before trying to conceive and continue taking folic acid at least for the first trimester of your pregnancy.

All the best

R x


I've come off the pill in July after a year they say it can take 6-12months after for it to be out your system, but ....... Everyone is different . Good luck


I'm in the same situation, I haven't taken the pill since beginning of August and haven't had a period yet. I've been taking the pill for just over 2 years. Hope it happens for you soon! x


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