Ttc all signs of pregnancy no peiods as yet

Hi lovely people month 4 of ttc, been at it like crazy this past month every available opp. For around two weeks I've had back ache low, this past. Week sore boobs I mean really sore and sensitive. I decided to do a test on Monday that would have been 3 days prior to peiod due, negative. I worked out my periods for may this year and I'm on lowest 23 days and highest of 33 days. I. Solo hoping we've done it this time, I have no idea when I would have ovulated either. So either the test is right and I'm not and im waiting for the dreaded P day or its too early to tell. What do you all think, my period is due today and nothing.

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  • Wait a few days and then test again. When you conceive the HCG hormone levels can double (or is it triple?) each day, so with every day that passes the chances of a positive showing up increase. Good luck.

  • Thank you dear still nothing as yet. Think ill wait a week or two and test again. Chances are like my last two pregnancys I tested at 6and 8 weeks and got positive so maybe the hcg level is low if so. Fingers crossed. Eek :-)

  • Fingers crossed for you xx

  • Got my. BFP yay what to do now though? I'm moving countries in 4 weeks time do I have a scan here or wait till I arrive at the new destination and sort one out there. ?

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