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Anyone have funny eating habits/gone off food?


I am 7 weeks pregnant and feel like I have not much of an appetite at the moment, although I seem to be hungry alot I never know what to have! It is very strange, I usually love food but at the moment nothing is exciting me!

Is this normal?

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I'm going through exactly the same thing, also 7 weeks pregnant.

Had a massive craving while in Tesco, went to find the food I wanted and they had run out, got very annoyed and a bit upset.

I've gone off chocolate almost completely, and have got urges for cheesy foods.

Today, I've eaten 3 pieces of toast and some plain tortilla chips, I just don't fancy anything else.

It's just another one of those fun pregnancy things. It's fine as long as you don't overdo it. Eat the foods you crave in moderation and try to maintain a healthy balanced diet.

I'm about seven weeks too and feel exactly the same, I usually like lots of foods and have a healthy appetite but now I feel hungry but nothing appeals at all. Heard ginger helps but not noticed I'm just eating what I can. Is a pain, feels strange :)

Hiya, im now 9 1/2 weeks. Definitely noticed same thing couple of weeks ago, plus, Id realy like the idea of something then get it and totally go off the idea or have one bite and be done!

Now i feel hungry when i wake and just have bites on things through the day. I try not to think about meals specifically ( as for me a lot at one time doesnt sit well)but make sure i have a bit of everything ( food groups) through the day. A :-)

hi. i am 8 weeks on friday. i have gone off all food and drink. i am really struggling. i have no appetite whatsoever. people keep suggesting toast, but the smell makes my nausea worse. i feel awful. i have bad headaches etc. i know i must be dehydrated. any idea??

I'm nine weeks and having the same problem. I keep wanting something, and then after a bite can't face it anymore. Everyone suggests toast to me too, but the texture is really off putting at the moment. I'm finding that I have a higher tolerance for spicy food, so I'm generally living on little portions of curry and rice. Also, lemonade is keeping my sickness at bay, water just makes me want to throw up at the minute. I hope I can get back to eating properly soon, I miss food!

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