doppler fetal heart detector- what is the earliest you picked up a heartbeat at?

my sister has just bought me the angel doppler fetal heart detector for my birthday so im excited for it to come in the post to use it.. ill be 11weeks on wednesday n 12 weeks nxt wednesday... i read a womens review on a website that said she picked up a heart beat at around 9weeks...

anyone used a home heartbeat detector before and picked up a heartbeat before 12weeks?


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  • i have a Sonoline B fetal Doppler and picked up my baby's heartbeat at 10weeks 4days found it straight away my hearts beat is 89 baby's is 158 to 172 just use a lot of gel and be patient took a few times the third and forth time but now I'm 11weeks 3days and know where my baby likes to be hope this helps...

  • Where do you pick up a heartbeat? Is it really low down? The doctor used one on me today near my pubic bone but didnt find a beat x

  • Hi gemmw

    I know some people who have heard a heartbeat as early as 9 weeks. I went for my first midwife appointment yesterday. I'm almost 14 weeks and she said we could try and listen to the heartbeat buts its still early. Usually if there's no problems they don't try until about 18 weeks.

    So although chances are you wil hear it, don't worry if you don't - everyone is different!


  • 8weeks In both this and my last pregnancy. With my angel sounds doppler

  • where about do you pick up a heart beat ?

  • i picked my baba's up at 11 weeks but that was the first time i tried it. it took about half hour to find. it was very very low down and slightly to the left. i have the angel sounds one too. make sure you use lots of gel and a fair bit of pressure. it sounds like a moving train and if you listen to your own its usually about twice as fast. my little girls has always been about 150-160 bpm, im now 17 weeks and can pick it up straight away, as well as her little movements and kicking the probe lol xx

  • oh thank u.. Ill get my monitor on monday n give it a go im 11w+2d.. when did u find out ur hvin a girl? Xxx

  • oh thank u.. Ill get my monitor on monday n give it a go im 11w+2d.. when did u find out ur hvin a girl? Xxx

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