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Please help, really worried as no baby at scan and sac wasn't a perfect circle?

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Last week I had an early preganancy scan because of some brown discharge, and on the morning I had one bleed drop. I was really unsure about dates and irregular as just got my implant out at the end of July. When I chatted to my GP he dated me at roughly 8 weeks, but could easily be wrong.

Really worried because at the scan could only see sac and yolk sac but no baby. She also said said the sac wasn't a prefect circle and this wasn't promising. I googled this (bad idea) and lots of horror stories, so even more worried! I'm going back in on Friday for another scan to see how progressing.

Meanwhile my symptoms are getting stronger every day. Struggling to eat much as everything smells so strong and tastes so differently, and constantly feel nauseous and like going to be sick. Keep waking in the night between tender, bloated breasts, sore back and nauseous, bloated tummy. And boy, the wind, bloated tummy and heart burn everyday too, and exhausted. Dizzy and faint at times too. Sick for the first time today. I know all these symptoms are a good sign but just really worried and don't want to feel all this then mc.

Has anyone else experienced any of this? Is there anything I can do to relieve these symptoms, even for a little while?


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i had the same thing at my scan.. on my first scan she said there was a sac but no yolk sac.. 2 days later i had another scan and the yolk sac was there... then a week later i had another scan and i was 6weeks and there my lil baby was with a heart beat :) so hopefully u get the same case... i dont think mine was a perfect circle.. more oval.. xx

Thank you, been really worried. Hopefully Friday will bring me the same news! Hoping all these symptoms are a good sign that baby's growing healthy and well. Now to get some food inside me!! Cheers again, genuine comfort to hear other ppl ok after same news.

glad i could help.. well your having way more symptoms than me! good luck for your scan on friday hope all goes well :D x

I don't want to be the bringer of bad news but our first pregnancy was just the same. I had no idea what week I was and went to the scan expecting to see a baby but was told there was nothing there, Yolk Sac and tiny fetal pole but that was it. I returned every week for the whole summer and each time they said, "not sure, come back next week" finally they said it was a 'missed miscarriage' and it took a further month for me to miscarry naturally which was horrible. I do have a good side to it though, one in every 3 pregnancies are miscarried, often before we even know we have conceived.

The first amazing thing is how many other people THEN told me they had miscarried.. older friends (I was quite young at the time) my parents' friends and even my husbands grandmother and her sister... all these wonderful women said to hang on in there they had been through it and had come out the other side. The second amazing thing is that we now have three beautiful children, if you do miscarry it doesn't mean you will never get there.

As all those other women told me, hang on in there, it is a really shitty experience but it is just that an experience and you will get past it.

It may take months for your body to stop thinking it is pregnant 3-5 months you may still show up as positive.

Don't despair, you will get there, just maybe not this time.

sorry to jump in on your comment there ahem but 2 points id just like to make on tht...

1.its not just an experience that will pass... a miscarriage is horrible and ive had 3.. one being nearly 4yrs ago and i still cry about it.. its your child dying .. that cant just pass so quite upset byyour feelings towards miscarriages. will not take anywhere near 3 months for you to test negative again.. and 5months thats just ridiculas.... a few days at the most especially as this lady is around 8weeks..

Gemmw, don't feel you have to answer if is too personal, but do you think it's common to still have all these symptoms after you've miscarried? I had heard your body would stop quite quickly. Worrying to think could happen for months after. Is my first so is so much i don't know and pretty strange and scary...

ermm what date was your scan? i knowits horrible not knwing whats going on with your baby.. my tests have always shown negative the day after i miscarry and i can feel that im not pregnant any more... ive had 3 miscarriages :/ but everyones bodies are different but no deffinately wouldnt carryon for months .. are you bleeding at all? or pains? xx

My scan was last Wednesday, they said it could be that the baby's only 5 or 6 weeks, not 8. Not bled at all since before scan, was just one drop and some brown discharge. Felt short periods of discomfort sometimes, but nothing sore. I guess less than 4 days until scan now, then hopefully know. Thank you, not a nice thought to feel like this for months and not be pregnant.

I think is jst a case of wrong calculation the truth is dat is too early to see anything, i had the same case i went for scan thinking i was six weeks the scan showed only a sac bt no baby my GP advised that i wait till 8 to 12 weeks that it just too early wch i did i went back at 9 weeks and every okay a foetus and a heartbeat and am 13 weeks now i think u shud relax that is why most hospitals dnt allow scans until ua b/w 10 to 12 weeks cos early scns can only make worry un nessarily becos of its uncertainties.Dnt worry every tin will be fine that am very sure of. Wish u all the best.

Thank you for sharing all your different experiences and advice. Went for scan today and was a seven week old tiny baby with a very fast heartbeat. Really relieved and excited. Thanks again :)

Hurray! xx

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