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Plz help had termination

Hi everyone could someone please help me I had a termination two weeks ago I started bleeding from the day of treatment I need to know how many more days or weeks I will bleed for? I can't speak to anyone it hard to explain due to family as they will trace me (runaway from arragned marrige) plz don't nasty I just need some advice I would really appreciate it plz plz plz help as I'm still bleeding I been reading on net it just says so many different things it has turned me in to a wreck x thankyou

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Hey Nignog,

Don't read up too widely on the net - try sticking with information on sites like NHS. That way you know it's reputable medical information.

I understand your hesitation in talking openly about this, but you really should speak with your GP. If you don't feel you can even do that, you should phone NHS Direct - they can at least help you work out whether you need additional medical attention. Or phone the clinic where you had the procedure - I'm sure they'll be happy to offer guidance regarding what's normal in your circumstances.

If the bleeding is still quite heavy, or if there are large clots, you should take yourself straight to A&E.

Please take care, and seek medical advice.

R x


Hi again,

NHS website suggests:

'After having an abortion, you may experience some period-type pains and some vaginal bleeding, which should gradually improve after a few days. Most women are able to return to their usual activities within a day or so. However, you should seek medical attention if you have severe pain or if the bleeding has not stopped after 14 days.'

Full link attached here:

R x


Thank you for your reply that link was usefull it has been 18days I have slight pain in the evening for an hour or so but bleeding still I think I will call my gp on Monday I don't want to risk my fertility in future other wise what happened might as well been killed I can't let him win that's what scares me the most thank you once again x


Please talk to your GP about your whole situation, not just medical needs. I'd really love for you to get some trusted support in place to help you through.

Remember that support services are there to help you (not put you at further risk), and your doctor can refer you to support services that respect client confidentiality.

Do take care

R x



i hope i can help reassure you, i have never had a termination but have had a baby.

1st - i think the the bleeding can vary from person to person . gererall periods vary from person to person and month to month so seems to reason we would react differently to a termination. if you normally have heavy bleeds then you may be prone to more of a bleed now.

2nd- i also think it depends on how many weeks into pregnancy you were and nature of termination . makes sense the further you were the more blood there would be .

by nature of terminatiion i mean im not 100% but as i understand b4 12 weeks ( embreo stage ) i think its a tablet u take and just comes away as a heavy period ( the placenta takes over at 12 weeks ) so furthur along is more difficult , from what i understand you can birth the feotus or have it cut up while inside you and removed piece by piece, both not pleasent things to deal with... maybe the way you terminte has an affect on after bleed .

me personally after having my child ( by emergency c section at full term ) i bled for 5 - 6 weeks after although , it did gradually get lighter over the weeks . i do not generally have heavy periods. i know other people that only bled a week or 2 after having a baby !

i would say that if there has been no improvment or any kind or let up in the flow over the last 2 weeks then maybe best to see someone at the clinic you went to or at least phone them, you must have trust to use them in the 1st place to not to b able to be traced by your family.

i think you would know and have other side affects if you did, but you would not want to risk an infection that could jepordise you future fetility (child) when you were in a happy loving relationship

this is just my opinion and general knowlage.


Thanks for your advice I was7 weeks 3days clinic said it would last two weeks but it's has been 18 days hopefully it will start to finish soon thank you once again it helps to have people like yourself to talk to x


I'm so sorry you find yourself in this situation. I don't know anything about terminations, but it sounds like the others have that covered with their advice. I'd just like to echo that I hope you get some non-medical support as well, as you have a right to live your life in freedom without fear. You say you've run away from an arranged marriage, but if getting out of a marriage you didn't want to be in involved running away, it sounds more like a forced marriage, which is another thing entirely, and illegal in the UK. The police have a forced marriage unit set up which can offer free and confidential advice and support: and I'm sure as rmh2012 suggested you can access this and/or other support through your GP. Just please don't try to navigate this difficult and harrowing situation by yourself. Good luck and I'll be thinking of you xx


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