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Omg! The boobs!

At nearly 9 weeks experiencing the waves of nausea, epic night peeing but the biggest thing its all about the boobs! Omg! Appart from the pain turning in the night theres another side-effect.

As being pregnant is not general knowledge as yet there is speculation ive had a boob job! What! Not having had a fitting in err ever, and being a size 10 Debenhams informed me that i was 32G!! Woah! Didnt know that size existed!

Well, I'll be happy when i can tell people the truth, and i guess its quite funny :-) x

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lol at this point in the pregnancy , was experiencing extreme tenderness in my boobs, didnt bother checking my size till they were driving me absolutely crazy about 4 months ago, found out in mothercare I had gone up 3 sizes :o , the whole peeing thing has got really crazy for me now, ( im 30 weeks) , literally most nights im up/ down to the bathroom constantly! my nausea was pretty awful, was sick 10 times a day most times :s , may I suggest ginger biscuits :) worked a treat for me! Good luck with everything ,

R x


Haha, im just shocked at the fact people actually think i may have gone under the knife!

Ive not actually been sick, but just have little bouts of that lump in the throat and saliva combo. Ginger is great i have stem ginger pastils that are quite good.

Its aweful haing got into bed only to immediately start thinking of getting up to go to the loo.... And so the nightly routine starts! By the sounds of it it doesnt disappear over the weeks then :-/

Wow 30 weeks! How exciting. All the best

A x


lol that does sound funny :) will be good when you can tell people then! That saliva thing used to drive me mad! Glad you know about the ginger thing :), it is awful about the toilet thing, by the time i've walked back to the bedroom , I practically need to back again lol, the sickness usually goes by this point though , if the whole peeing thing doesnt :)

Thanks! I am rather excited atm lol :) , hope everything goes well :)

R x


I found a sleeping bra invaluable.. just helped reduce all that painful movement in the night!


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