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Went the the doctor to confirm my pregnancy.

I basically went in and said I'd taken a home pregnancy test and I'm pregnant. She said congratulations and went to get some paperwork. The only medical test she performed was a blood pressure test. She didn't do anything to confirm the pregnancy. She told me to book an appointment with a midwife and gave me the phone number.

Is this normal? I feel a little neglected...

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I know how you feel, but it is the usual approach, I'm afraid. The tests are supposed to be good enough that if they say you are pregnant, the doctors accept that and just put you into the maternity care system.

Even the midwife probably won't need to see you for another month (or in fact 'want to' - they are very busy). There's not a lot they can do until the baby is a bit bigger.

Try to see it as a positive - if they were jumping up and down worrying about you now, imagine how oppressive they'd be in another 8 months time! Medical practice is now to treat pregnancy not as an illness but as a natural process that simply needs a bit of caution and care from them. I know it feels like one of the most dramatic things in the world to you (and it is that exciting!) but in general the doctors find it's best to leave well enough alone.

Good luck - have fun dreaming about cradles and booties etc. instead!



Congratulations Twink! Yes, it's completely normal. You basically feel neglected until the 12 week scan, although you should see the midwife sometime before that. Just look at it this way - if you're not being seen by DRs / midwife etc it probably means that all is progressing as it should be. Hope you enjoy the first few weeks.


Yeah thats how it is. I didnt even see a doctor i was just told by the receptionist that i need to register with a midwife, they normally take a couple weeks to contact you and arrange a first appointment which will be questions about health, family history, weight, height and taking blood. Then the waiting game for your dating scan. Dont feel neglected (i know it does seem that way) but theres not much for the proffesionals to do at the beginning. Its up to you to grow that wonderful baby. As time goes on you have more check ups and it wont feel like your not being cared for. Good luck.


Hi, I'm really pleased I saw this...i have just got my bfp too, and am soo excited! Have booked in with my doctor next week (i think ill be about 5-6weeks)

In the meantime im taking pregnacare tablets and trying to be a bit healthier!

Is there anything else i should be doing??

Thanks ladies,

love, a Very excited first time mummy to be!!!


Hiya congratulations. Nope not really. You seem to be doing well, just looking after yourself is the main thing. All the best :)


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