Help! - tummy pains and severe wind - I think?? Could it be more ominous? 6 weeks pregnant. Am I just putting too much pressure on myself?

Hi First time pregnant and I thought I was losing it last night - terrible cramping pain, tummy rock hard and then it subsided almost as quickly as it started. Am I being paranoid? A lot of my friends have had trouble and I don't want to be another statistic. I have booked myself for an early scan in the next couple of weeks though I just don't feel any symptoms apart from bloated tummy, tender.ish boobs though no appetite at all. Can anyone put my mind at rest? I just can't relax :-( I'm 6 weeks by my calculations and quite frankly am not enjoying the stress of going to the loo and praying that I;m not bleeding (sorry graphic) My Dad said eat lots of fruit and veg and don't ride horses! I know he's trying to distract me though my mind is working overtime and people that I have had to tell are just too excited for my liking

Anyone experienced the same?

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  • I didnt have cramping as such but had terrible pain caused by trapped wind. Do you think yours could be related? That started when i was about 6 weeks although its eased now (im 12+5) unfortunately theres not a lot you can do, just look after yourself. No heavy lifting etc. i know its hard but try not to worry, its so reassuring having your first scan. You get to know whats actually going on in there. Im on my second and both times i worried that they'd do the scan and nothing will be in there. Cos lets face it a little stick youve pee'd on is the only confirmation up till that point. Haha! Its natural to have worries. I hope everything is ok, roll on the next couple of weeks :)

  • thanks so much for this and this has really put my mind at rest! :-) I have in fact booked for a reassurance scan on the 26th October so crossing everything though am sure that I will do lots of pregnancy tests up to that point! Good luck with your second baby which I'm sure is going to be just as precious, beautiful and bouncing as the first! x

  • I had horrific pains at 5-6 week and had an early scan turned out to be constipation but the worry was the worst. Your dad is right fresh fruit and veg and definitely no horse riding but do some gentle exercise to help. I'm now 17 weeks and 3 days and still getting some pain it's perfectly normal xx

  • hi Misspins

  • thanks so much for your response - I am such a worrier and am trying not too - wish I was at 17 weeks having got over the 12 week scan but wishing you lots of luck for your remaining weeks and congratulations to you and your partner for what I'm sure will be a bundle of joy! :-) x

  • For me potatoes have to be avoided or I'll have insane wind pain, the kind where I wondered whether to call the midwife. Do call yours if you need to for professional reassurance and keep an eye on any foods that may make your trapped wind flare up. Good luck! x

  • Hi Kaleidoscope - thanks for this, do you know I haven't made my mid wife appointment yet so I am sure that all of these fears will be allayed! in fact I thought that it may have been potato as it happened last night too though not as severely though same time every night or it could actually have been red onions or pasta - what if it's carbs in general - what a disaster! am just getting over the fact that I can't eat brie :-( anyway as long as everything is ok and normal I would live on bread and water! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy and wishing you luck for your future lives together! :-) x

  • Hey honey hope you are feeling better this evening, as you may have started taking pregnancy vitamins this could be the cause of your tummy upset, the iron (ferrous sulphate) in the combo vitamins can make you feel a little constipated and bloated, I am 32 weeks pregnant and found drinking a glass of fresh orange juice with vitamins made a big difference. Also regarding the brie you can still find some yummy pasturised brie from your local supermarket, just check the back of each cheese portion and the info is clearly dispalyed but avoid the deli for cheeses as most are unpasturised. Also the general rule of thumb is you will be safe to continue eating what your system is already familiar with breaking down, just avoid starting anything totally new and funky ;-). I have made this baby on cheese (baby no 5 so my 5 a side football team is currently 8 weeks from completion lol)

    Also make sure you rest as much as you can, take the time to read all the books you have not had time for or catching up on films etc, I have been glued to the sci fi channel and just surround myself with nibbles when I feel tired and sore.

    When you are pregnant you are a goddess and should be treated as such so enjoy and pamper yourself !

    Lots of love and good luck from Keeley and clan ;-)

  • wow you're an angel sent from above! 5! I can only hope that I can have as many as you - good luck for this one and thanks again shining star! xx :-)

  • Thank you for posting this and to all the people who replied- I have had similar bloating and pains and reading this thread was very useful.

  • aaaaaaaaaaaaahhahahahaha on the bra size ! Brilliant, enjoy them they are like new toys lol ;-)

    Lots of love and good luck to all xx

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