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im i pregnant


i really need some ones help i was on the depo for 3 months was ment to have it on the 9th sep but i didnt go because it turned me very ill ive been having spots of blood every now and then but no normal menstrantion i last had sex about a week ago since then the my stomach is very hard some times my breast feel tingly ive done a preg test but it said i wasnt please help

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Id go to your gp and explain to them.. They may do a blood test because urine test doesnt always show up pregnancy xx


thank you so much for replying ive gone to the gp but they said i should try a clear blue but yet again negitive since then ive had pain in the lower back if i stand for longer then 10 mins ive had no more bleeding or my breasts arnt sore or anything anymore im only eating a meal a day now dont seem to be hungry or anything xxxx


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