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right i dunno how to put this , ive been seeing my bf for 2 n a half months now ,we were using protection while i was on my period n awhile

after that then we stopped using protection , i already have identical twin boys but i dnt have a clue if i am pregnant right now , i kno all pregnancies are different each time , i have mood swings , my breasts are sore , i feel bloated , my periods are irregullar so i dnt kno wen i ovulate :( can any1 help ?? plz

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If you have stopped using contraception then there is definitely a chance you may be pregnant. I know what it is like to have irregular cycles, it does make it difficult to know when to test. Try figure out what your longest cycle has been in the last 6 months or so. Then test at that point if you haven't had a period. For example, if your longest cycle has been 35 days, test on day 35 if you haven't had your period. If the test is negative but you still don't have a period, continue to test weekly. If after a couple weeks tests are still negative but still no period, go see your GP as irregular periods, bloating and other symptoms could be signs of other things they may want to check out. Hope this helps.


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