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6 weeks! morning sickness kicking in!!

Hello all, reached 6 weeks today and I have felt nauceous and dizzy and light headed all day today! My mum said that it's good to feel it early on as it means everything is working correctly in there... However it isn't very nice feeling like this when you have to work until 7pm!

Has anyone got any advice on what I can do to help the feeling and maybe stop me feeling like this?

This is my first pregnancy.. thank you

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Hey :) after experiencing severe morning sickness up to around 20 weeks approx , when I was literally being sick 10 times a day , ( im now 30 weeks) I can suggest eating ginger biscuits , crackers in the early morning , as this seemed to help me , and if you can get a good nights sleep , and make sure your not dehydrated , hope this helps , if not try the NHS website xx good luck with everything


I was told abou seabond bands you can get, they are for travel sickness. You wear them on your wrist and its something to do with pressure points. You can buy them in boots. Im now 12 weeks 4 days and the sickness seems to have stopped, very hungry all the time now! I didnt really use anything other than cutting out foods that made me worse. drinking milk and eating bananas seemed to help me. smalll amounts of food often. good luck. Hope it passes for you x


I just eat little and often dry foods but some days I can eat one food and its nice the next day no way keep biscuits crackers or cereal bars handy to ward off the first signs of feeling sick I found that helps ? X


Thank you everyone, my OH bought me a pack of ginger biscuits, i've never really liked them before and don't really like them now, they are definately an acquired taste!! Hoping they help as I've felt nauceous for the past 3 days now!

Everyone keeps telling me that it's a sign of a good pregnancy and it will all be worth it in the end!! PMA PMA!! hehe!


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