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Yet another miscarriage :(

After finding out today that ive begun miscarrying for the 3rd time im so upset :(, but maybe now i will get some answers. Although i knew there was something not quiet right because i didnt have sore breast although i have in the past. Im now wondering if it could be something to do with the folic acid because as soon as it comes to 2-3weeks that ive been taken it boom, i miscarry :( Has anyone had 3 miscarriages and had the test preformed to find out something was wrong?

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I'm really sorry to hear about your miscarriage. It's really difficult. I've had two miscarriages and my heart goes out to you.

I'm afraid I don't know anything about the test nor about folic acid (I thought that they normally liked to you to be taking it even before getting pregnant), but do keep asking the health professionals. And take lots of rest this week.

Fingers crossed for the future.


Hi sorry to hear about your loss I miscarried last year at 19 weeks had lots of tests but nothing came back as to why ?

I'm currently 9 weeks pregnant and very scared have pushed for more hospital appointments and see consultant Thursday folio acid they tell u is very good and I've had mine upped to 5mg a day and also given aspirin although I wasn't sure this helps

Seek advice from your consultant and see what tests they can do but sometimes there are no answers and we have to just keep trying although I no it's very hard

Good luck and if u find out any thing let us now thinking of u x


Thanks for the support guys... Hopefully i will get answers. Ive been researching and other women have said tht they have had successful pregnancies with taking aspirin so i will ask about this when i meet the consultant. xx


I'm so sorry - know exactly how you feel.

Have had 3 miscarriages myself. Had all the testing done (both me and my hubby), they didn't find anything wrong. 1 month after last miscarriage while doing all the testing accidentally got pregnant again (was so afraid). Now the 10 week old monkey is making funny noises next to me:) Only thing what we did differently this time - 5mg folic acid all 9 month.

Good luck - just keep believing


I'm so very sorry for your loss. I hope your consultant appointment gives you some answers.

Folic acid: you should be taking this prior to falling pregnant, and it is highly unlikely that it's causing you to miscarry. Folic acid supplements have reduced the incidence of spinal abnormalities like spina bifida by a huge percentage. Definitely DO NOT give up folic acid unless on very specific medical advice.

Aspirin: this is normally prescribed during pregnancy only if blood pressure is likely to be an issue for the mum. And bear in mind that aspirin taken at higher than prescribed dosage or taken unnecessarily can cause other health complications.

I've had a miscarriage (fortunately only one). It's heartbreaking. And it's normal to seek any answers to make sense of an awful experience. But remember that a ridiculously high percentage of miscarriages are due to chromosomal abnormalities. And that the vast majority of women, even after repeat miscarriages, can go on to have healthy, full term babies.

So keep hoping, and best of luck with your appointment.

R x


What exactly is a stillbirth then?

I worked in an NHS hospital and miscarriage was considered the correct term, abortion does have some social stigma to it. Same as you don't talk to a patient about products of conception - it is their baby.


I would never choose to call what i have been through an "Abortion"!! im totally against abortions,,, i did not chose willingly to get rid of my pregnancy so i dont care in which medical terms... if the consultant or doctors referred to my miscarriages as abortions then they would get an hearful because the 2 situations are totally different!!! My previous 2 miscarriages are from a previous partner so its obviously something to do with me, as he has now got a child!! I will see what the consultant says to me.. ive researched what will happen and am quiet happy with what i have heard! And never have i come over the term "Abortion" for a miscarriage, My mother in law also works in Early pregnancy, and she says shes never heard such thing!!


Hi Emma-1 firstly i am sorry for your loss and i agree with that comment i when through the same thing as yourself in 2010 and the hospital consultant that saw me said it was a misscarriage not an Abortion and you can misscarry at any point between the first and second trimmester so i don't know why that person has said what they have said i know what your going through and its hard I hope you get your answers your looking for from the hospital.


Why would doctors call it abortions at any stage? The things are totally different just made me very angry, i didn't choose for me to lose my baby, where as people that have abortions choose to get rid of there babies for what ever reasons. Ive asked my mother in law and best friend who are both staff nurses on early pregnancy ward and they have both said they do not refer to a miscarriage as a abortion! So where ever that person has got there information from is defiantly wrong. Thanks i just hope they do find something with the test and it can easily be rectified so i can have a normal pregnancy :) xx


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