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16 year gap

Recently found out I'm expecting my 2nd baby after a 16 year gap. was initially scared to death at the thought of it, but boyfriends delighted and I'm really looking forward to it now. With my first I was 4 months gone before finding out and had no boyfriend (we broke up before I knew) and it was like I had done something wrong. This time its great to share it with someone and to feel good about it and excited, cant wait for my 12 week scan so that we can see everythings going ok and we can tell everyone the news. Feels so different to the first time, because the first time round as soon as i found out i was feeling movement and had a bump and very shortly it was obvious that i was expecting. This time round the waiting to tell people is so difficult... think im gonna burst!

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I am in a similar position. My youngest is 13yrs and two elder aged 18yrs and 19yrs. We decided to tell everyone from 10 wks however we had the extra support. There are a lot of things brought up that I really wanted advice from friends and family on. My elder children gave a mixed response. My daughter who is 18 was outraged but has come around now. My 19yrs old son was more surprised but it's your life response. My 13yrs old son was overjoyed but insists it must be a boy and insists on calling baby Duncan. Not a name we would choose so not going to be a Duncan so it's rather confusing. My mum was the most shocked so much so she thought I was winding her up! I had to tell her 4 times before she realised I ment it. I don't know why as I'd never joke about it but it was to much for her to accept straight off. 10 wks 6 days. Today. Scan due on 10th Feb there is no way I could have waited that long! We knew from day one and it killed me getting to 10 wks. Still a few important people to tell in person. It's difficult to organise meeting up and that adds time if you want to tell people in person. If you can a party you organise might be the best way. Have fun!


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