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Told the boyfriends parents!

We told my boyfriends parents last night, it was a really scary and difficult thing to do as they are very practical people, my mum and dad are a little more carefree and fun, they obviously want whats best for our baby but are more happy to go with the flow, the first thing his dad said was well you have got to get married now, you can't have a baby before you get married!! I was thinking to myself it's easier said than done and there's no way i'm walking down the isle with a massive bump!! also I don't just want to get married just because we're having a baby, I want to get married because we love each other...

Has anyone else had a difficultl time telling there family?

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When my partner and I had our first baby my inlaws were exactly the same! My husbands father went and booked a church and a venue with out telling me until after he done it. As you can imagine I was FUMING! Yes I was ready to be a mum but married no way!! It wasn't because I didn't love him it was because I was still young and wanted to get married when we felt it was right. We got married 4 years later when we were ready.

I know how frustrating it can be when other people think they know what's best for you but remember only you and your partner know. Good luck x


God that is mad!! Imagine if he done that!! haha!! I just keep thinking if he is that adamant we get married then we'll have 10 grand for the wedding please!! it's not as easy as just getting married these days is it? sometimes it's either marrige/baby, you have to make choices in life as both choices are pretty expensive!!

So you are soon to be mum of 4? how does that feel? when are you due?


Its true both are very expensive. My husband is greek and his father kept saying we will get quite a bit of money. Although that was tempting it wasn't enough to convince me to get married b4 we were ready.

Oh my god I am still in shock that we are having a 4th. I have 3 girls and this baby is a boy so will be my last. Its friggin scary!! I have 8 weeks left and am shitting a brick! 4 children to get ready for school and be in school by 9 o'clock. Thankfully my husband has 2 weeks paternity leave but wish he had 3 months.

How far gone are you? Will you find out what sex the baby is or keep it a suprise?


Yeah you need to get married because you want to and are in love, not for money and for baby's sake! I will definately get married to my boyfriend one day though, I can't wait to call him my husband and take his surname, I just want to do it when the time is right,

I am still only really early days, I think i'm about 5 weeks, got my docs appt on 15th, can't wait to get the ball rolling and start to feel pregnant!

We have discussed finding out lots even before I fell pregnant but I think as it's our first we're gonna wait, I just think it will be so special and exciting when I finally give birth, As long as no one buys it yellow or mint clothing i'll be happy! haha!!

Oh how lovely of you to finally get your boy, I bet the girls will help you out loads and spoil him rotten!!


We were a little different, my parents were ok, but their parents are very religious and wanted us to get married..we had always decided we didn't believe in marriage and told everyone we were not going to get hitched..but 4 months later my bf proposed and at 7 months pregnant we went to new york and got married by 13 years later and we are expecting our 6 th child..


my partner wants to try for our 4th im not sure is having a large family any differnt than having a medium family


I don't feel our family is that big, but that is because we have one at a time, so to us its just another baby.....I think nowadays 4 kids is still considered a normal family size.....its what you feel is best at the end of the is not harder to have more than 3, but you do need a bigger car :-)


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