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Ttc unusual vaginal feelings during sex

Hi everyone I'm ttc for my third child . Well I actual fact we not doing the usual we are just seeing if it happens then if so great if not well we have two beautiful children already. But here's the question lately we have had a lot of sex I mean sometimes two or three times in a day! During sex my husband feels much deeper and my vagina feels almost a little swollen, different from normal! We are in the same positions as usual I had my period on 19.9.2012 do unthinkable there's a chance I may have conceived? I can't test yet as I'm not fue until 18.10.2012

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Sometimes when you have a lot of sex you can irritate the inside of your vagina and it can feel like what you said. Good luck in your baby making x


Ah thanks Hun for reassurance. Fingers crossed :-)


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