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How do I tell my parents?

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I'm 20 years old, and just found out I'm pregnant. I have absolutely no idea how or when to tell my parents.

I live alone, and my boyfriend is shocked but supportive.

Some advice would be great.

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Definitely face to face and as soon as possible. Say " I really need your support" - sometimes it needs spelling out as they'll be wondering whether they should back off or wade in.

Are you expecting a bad reaction?

I have no idea what to expect. I'm probably just being paranoid, but I don't think that they'll be too thrilled about it.

Hi, was 19 ( nearly 20) when I found out I was pregnant, at first just told my husband , then after another 2 weeks approx I told my mum, her first reaction was that I was still only 19, and that she was slightly disappointed, as she thought I would wait till marriage rather than do what she did, but then she was excited and happy to have a grandchild on the way! I didnt expect that, but it was a huge relief when it was off my chest ,and I wasnt hiding it anymore! x good luck with everything! xx

I agree with minime61. You'll have to tell them at some stage so putting it off is only going to stress you out more. And asking for their emotional support is likely to soften any bad reaction.

Just make sure to have a good long talk with your boyfriend beforehand so that you both know, as best you can, how you feel about things. And plan to come away from speaking to your parents only with the knowledge that you've told them - i.e. don't expect everything to be resolved and their final opinion on the baby etc. to have been set in stone. Just as your acceptance and enthusiasm is probably changing from day to day, theirs may too - so even if their reaction isn't 100% positive, that doesn't mean they'll hold that stance for long. Parents naturally worry for their children, as you will find out soon enough!

as a young adult who lives alone, they will have to respect your decision..and most reactions are of shock at first as you are their little girl, but they will come others said, ask for their support not a lecture as obviously you have to move forward. the fact your boyfriend is supportive is a good sign and hopefully will show your parents you have discussed the future of the pregnancy

20 is a great age to start a family - I wish I had. Even at 31 and married, I fealt very anxious about telling my family because I still haven't got my career off the ground, which I had always hoped to do first. When I finally did tell them, they were absolutely delighted and I fealt a million times better. It was such a huge weight off my shoulders and I was able to get on with enjoying the pregnancy. The pressure had been building enormously, and my husband had already told all his family. You should just blurt it out, doesn't matter when or how. I just said "Mum, we've got some news - I'm pregnant". There, all over with in seconds! No build up or anything. I didn't have a dad to contend with though, but I reackon you still deal with it the same way. Tell them one at a time, or together, or let one tell the other - all that matters is it ends up out in the open.

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