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Ive just found out that i am pregnant.. I have had 2 previous pregnancies but have sadly ended with miscarriages.( these where to a previous partner). The last twice ive known ive been pregnant before missing my period or taking a test due to sore breast and heartburn. This time was similar but my breast are not sore at all, im only around 5 weeks so know that things are still really early but i cannot help but worrry... Do you think im being daft or have i something to worry about?

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I have also just found out I am pregnant (4 weeks). I had a miscarriage 6 months ago so I am also anxious. This time round the positive pregnancy test lines are much darker and are showing up earlier. I have no symptoms (yet) though my doctor has said that every pregnancy is different. Fingers crossed for us : ).


Yes the doctor said the same to me, my pregnancies was 3 years ago so hopefully my body is now more mature...

Ive also seen a medium.. Just joined a few of my friends for a reading, id only found out i was pregnant 2 hours previous to this and he said that i was pregnant and everything was going to be fine this time... I know this is nothing to go by but it kind of calmed my nerves..

Fingers crossed everything will be fine and he was correct :) Hope everything's fine for u too xx


I am pregnant after 2 miscarriages and I felt fine to begin with, then at week 8 my symptoms kicked in big time. I'm sick all day and night at the minute! I know I should be pleased I'm pregnant, but it s so exhausting. Rest up and I'm sure everything will be fine. Good luck. :)


I really hope things will be okay, it was unexpected but we are both over the moon and really excited, i dont want to get too excited just incase something happens but its really hard not to... Had my iron checked today because i keep going faint, and suffer regularly with low iron levels.. How far on are you now then? If you dont mind me asking xx


Am really happy for you guys. i pray things be okey with you all. you all need rest and remove anxiousness. i pray to get pregnant soon too.


Aww thankyou... Hope you have some luck, My advice dont try just have fun and amazing things will happen, people that are actively trying for a baby take longer because the stress you put urself through because you want 1 so badly..x


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