I have a 6 months baby and just found out im pregnant and i have no idea what i should do!

I have a goregous lil boy which is just 6 months old but i just found out that i am pregnant again and i am totally stuck on what to do. I always said that i would never terminate a pregnancy, its a belief but im stuck in a place where i just do not know where to turn, i love my boy lots and i dont want him to become second best, money issues, what other people would think, if i would be able to cope, i dont know who to turn to really and as each day goes by its just not seem to be getting any easier and the baby inside is growing! help!

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  • When I had my daughter I found out I was pregnant with my 2nd child when she was 4 months old. Like you I didn't want a termination. I was scared I couldn't cope for the same reasons as you. I went on too have my baby and personally I am very happy I did. Yes it is scary having 2 children close in age but you manage in every way. My girls are very close to each other and I found it ok. I had another child 4 years later and found having her at home by herself with her sisters at school harder than I did with having 2 at home.

    At the end of the day what people think is of no concequence. Are they bringing up your children? Do what YOU want not because of what people think. Good luck x

  • thank you x

  • It is scary, but in the long run, In my opinion, having babies close is so worth it in the end..and in 9 months time your boy will be 15 months..so walking and becoming an independent little boy...don't worry what people will say..the initial reaction might be shock, but once they are told it was an accident, they should be quite supportive..I am having my 6th baby now and there is no second best..you make more love and love them all the same :-) good luck with what you decide x

  • thank you xx

  • I'm only just pregnant with my first (due in November) but from a different perspective, my sister and I were born only 16 months apart. I imagine my mum might have been feeling what you are feeling when she was pregnant again! But my sister and I have the most special, incredible bond. Being so close in age we have had the closeness of twins (including our own language when we were small) but because we were different ages and going through things at different times, we didn't feel we had to share everything and so we had independence as well. I don't think your little boy will feel as if he is ever second-best. He will just have more family members to love and who love him.

    That being said, always do what's right for you! Don't worry about what others think or even about what we think here, because only you know your family, your financial situation, your own vision for your family, etc.

    Best of luck on whichever path you choose! xxx

  • thank you, much appericated x

  • My brother and I were 15 months apart, and super close while growing up. Mum said that managing was no problem.

    And mine will be close together as well, which I preferred than having them further apart. Their interests and skill levels will be closer together, so they'll be interested in the same activities for much longer. Way better for entertaining them on rainy days, and visits to the park.

    I do understand your hesitation, my husband and I questioned for quite some time whether we'd be better off focusing our attention onto our daughter. But both of us decided that children of a close age are usually great friends and companions. And we know we've enough love to spare.

    I know it's a scary prospect, but there are loads of advantages.

    Do not worry what other people think!! Just work out what's best for you

    Best of luck, whatever you decide.

    R x

  • thank you its nice to hear what others think, helps me to not go through everything in my head over and over again. x

  • Forgot to say .... sleep!! Sometimes sleeping on an issue is the kindest way of allowing your brain space to sort things out. Can produce much more clarity than any amount of thought :)

    R x

  • Also me and my younger brother have 11months and 2 weeks between us. And we are the best of friends. Donget me wrong we can and have fought like cat and dog. But I woulnt change it x

  • i found out i was pregnant with my 2nd when my first was 9 moths old. to be honest i didnt know what to do either, termination was out of the question..... i done alot of thinking in the first weeks, bout how it would effect my son, esp as he had some health probs. but i realised that the age gap wouldnt be so bad as they would grow up close. it doesnt stop you worrying, but sitting down and talking always helps. my boys are now 4 and 5 and get on well, dont get me wrong they have their moments, but its not the age gap that causes it, its normal sibling stuff.... follow your heart and you cant go wrong... hope things work out for you hun x

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