Did anyone find out they were pregnant very early on and everything turned out okay?

I've just discovered I'm pregnant with my second child but as I have irregular periods I've been testing on and off (as I wouldn't know when or if I'd missed a period). I did 3 dipstick tests which were all positive so I got a clear blue digital which says I conceived 1-2 weeks ago so am only 3-4 weeks pregnant. I'm so worried that because I've found out early if I was going to have a miscarriage I'll be aware of it now whereas if I didn't test I wouldn't even know and would assume it was my period! Sorry for the long-winded question I just want some reassurance really! x


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  • I am in the same situation, this is my second and I found out the same time as you. I tested the very day i was meant to come on (im like clockwork) i was around 4 weeks. Im now 12 weeks and have my first scan on wednesday. I believe everything is going well. I havent had any bleeding or pain and i feel bloody awful. Try not to worry, i know its hard till you have your first scan, because thats when you can be certain about whats going on in there. If

    You have any problems like bleeding etc just make sure you contact your mid-wife. But then some people have theyre periods during pregnancy so not all bleeding = miscarriage. Hope this has reassured you a little :)

  • I was 3+4 when I got my bfp. Am now 8+6 and fine..finding out early only really makes the pregnancy seem longer and us to worry longer, but there is no reason to assume mc will happen to us and it is unfortunate but out of our control if it does happen, so try to relax and good luck

  • im literally in the same boat as you, its said 1-2 with me and that was last week, but with my first i only found out at 5 weeks and he is a bouncing baby boy, and my friend found out like1 week, when she missed her period and she has a gorgeous girl! in the end what happens happens and u cant stop it, but if u want this then look after yourself and be positive x

  • Thanks for the replies ladies. I don't mean to sound so pessimistic I'm just a bit worried. I found out at 5 weeks with my son and that felt like such an age to wait for the first scan so this will seem even longer til I feel I'm a little out of the woods! What will be will be tho and I'll just have to look after myself and be positive like you say! Good luck to you all and thanks again for your replies x

  • hey, i was dead on 4 weeks when i found out with my 3rd. like you i done a clear blue test to find out. i am now 33 weeks gone. and even tho i've had a few probs things have been going well... time does drag in the first 12 weeks when you find out so early. but once you have that first scan i'm sure time will fly for you. i understand your worries but stay positive and eat well etc... and i'm sure things will be fine. x

  • (i was the first to comment on this questio) thought id let you know, had my scan yesterday, all is good. Very bouncy baby and im 12 weeks today. Your first scan is so reassuring, hope everything goes well for yours and you dont have long to wait :)

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