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I'm 8 weeks pregnant but don't feel much different - anyone else have the same?

It's my first pregnancy and I think I'm about 8 weeks (I have my first antenatal appointment in a month). I'm 36 and this wasn't planned! I've done 3 positive tests and have now misseed 2 periods. The thing is, I don't 'feel' pregnant. I don't feel sick, my nipples haven't felt prickly, I haven't put on any weight and I haven't had any mood swings. The only things I've noticed are a heightened sense of smell, my breasts are larger and more tender, and I've gone off tea completely (from being a 5 a day tea jenny). I'm also pretty knackered but I've just changed job and started a long commute. Has anyone else had a similar lack of sickness and other typical signs of being pregnant? I feel like a fraud!

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Hey :) your not a fraud :) your just yourself- every woman is different when pregnant :).

For me , I started having morning sickness at about 9-10 weeks , and it didnt stop till 22 weeks approx :s , the weight can come at different times for all women too, I was 8 stone

( my normal weight for about 4 months), then when I reached nearly 5 months suddenly put on a stone and a half! Noticed my breasts getting tender around 3 months , then they suddenly got huge around 5 months! The smell thing just started mainly for me now, cant stand most smells now ( im 29 weeks). Dont worry about everything :) , your your own person, and symptoms come at different times for everyone :) Good luck with everything :)

R x


Haha this is so funny...exactly what I have been feeling! Including the only possible signs I've felt too. I'm now 10 weeks and the sickness has kicked in....just!! I feel terrible and actually wish I'd made the most of feeling fine instead of thinking I'd imagined the test results and hoping for something obvious. I have taken a few tests previously just because I thought the first one might be wrong as there hadn't been anything definite. I still feel like that and think I probably will until I have my scan. Smells is the only big thing for me, now the slightest thing sends me gagging!!

Make the most of feeling Ok and I actually hope it lasts for you a bit longer!! Plus if it's your first (like me) I'm not sure what signs I should feel as being different to normal, so until I see the baby it just won't feel real!

T x


Don't worry - I am pregnant for the 3rd time, I'm 10 weeks pregnant now and have had no sickness or symptoms at all, which really surprised me as my other 2 pregnancies were the complete opposite: I had sickness for the entire 9 months and put on tons of weight....I even did another pregnancy test this weekend as I suddenly frightened myself with thoughts that I might not actually be pregnant! :\ All I can say is don't worry. You're very lucky not to have any symptoms....enjoy the pregnancy :)


are there certain women who does not experience sore boobs during early stage pregnancy?


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