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Omg scan and mates hen night approaching!

Spent most of the weekend with in laws who I usually let my hair down with and drink with(quite a bit when they come down) instead spent all weekend running behind everyone sight seeing in porchester castle, and whinchester with raging lower back ache, and trying desperately to hide bump, otherwise things went great, I just said that I'd put on a bit of weight since quitting work, whilst hiding my swollen feet under the table. And said that I'm not drinking as we are still trying. If they suspected anything the keep it to them selfs.

Had a bit of a barny, with my sister yesterday, as she did not approve of me telling my mate who's hen night is fast opproaching before telling my mum. I tried to explain that if I leave it to long It might steal her thunder a bit, and that she most probably wouldn't thank me very much for that. So I'll have to lie to someone this weekend and tell her after my scan.

Got my scan on next Tuesday, I can't wait I'm so big it's obvious, I can't wait to see who's in my belly and how many, ( seriously I feel that big) last weekend was the first weekend that hubby and I shared a private aww moment when we snuck off from our guests fo a moment in a shop and had a sneaky look at some tiny little teddy bears, I'll never forget that. Just for one moment, no fears no worries, just pure love and excitement, and just us....:)

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It's the nicest and hardest thing in the world!! Trying to hide from people is soooo hard! X


I love reading your updates! My favourite is you and your partner having a cute time looking at baby teddy's! Good luck with your scan! x


Thanks! Kaleidoscope. Can't wait , scans tomorrow, and I think hubby's starting to realise that it's very real, sooooo excited :)


How was it how was it how was it? Details thirdtimelucky! Spill the scan details! So excited for you and your hubby! xxx


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